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How to close the Survey in Microsoft Forms

I blogged previously about the beautiful and simple application called Microsoft Forms. Forms allow you to create simple surveys and questionnaires and integrate them with the other Microsoft 365 applications like SharePoint, Lists, and others. But what if you ran the survey and no longer need to accept any results? Perhaps you created an intake form to register people for a class/training… keep reading >

How to do branching in Forms

I love Microsoft Forms, but I will admit it, I hate filling out lengthy questionnaires. Sometimes you agree to complete someone’s survey, only to find it never-ending with its list of fifty-five boring questions. One way around this issue would be to build branching logic into the Form. Branching allows you to “program” the form to skip specific questions based on user… keep reading >

4 ways to send and collect responses with Microsoft Forms

I blogged a lot about MS Forms previously. I am a huge fan of this application– which is a lightweight tool that is part of the Office 365 suite. It is easy to use yet allows for some customization. And it also integrates well with SharePoint, which is music to my ears 😊. In this article, I would like to explain four… keep reading >

How to share a Microsoft Form via a QR Code

If you create surveys and intake forms using MS Forms, I am sure you are also looking for ways to share and distribute those forms within your organization. The most obvious way would be to share the survey URL via email or MS Teams or embed a form within the Intranet. However, another option that might be really helpful would be to… keep reading >

How to save Microsoft Forms as a template

If you created a Form in MS Forms and would like to share your creation with others, you might want to read this post. In today’s article, I will explain to you how to save Microsoft Forms as a template and, as a result, make them available to others in your organization. Save Form as a Template vs. Sharing a Form First,… keep reading >

How to share Microsoft Forms with your colleagues

I don’t blog often about Forms – at the end of the day, unlike SharePoint, it is meant to be plug and play kind of tool that can be used by any business user without any significant configuration. However, there are a few features/scenarios available where you might need to “go behind the scenes” once in a while. One of those scenarios… keep reading >

5 cool features of MS Forms

Microsoft Forms proved to be a great light-weight alternative to other available advanced tools in terms of data collection. I explained Forms and what it is all about in this post. Today, I want to highlight what are, in my opinion, the 5 cool features of MS Forms. Enjoy! 1. Accessible by external users The first cool feature is the ability to… keep reading >