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How to track viewers of files and pages in SharePoint Online

You know how on LinkedIn, the minute someone looks at your profile, you are immediately notified who that secret admirer is? Sometimes you want to know who exactly viewed your file or a page in SharePoint, though. Maybe you shared a file with someone or created a nice page and have the sudden urge to know who looked at what. Unfortunately, this… keep reading >

How to set site storage limits on a SharePoint site

Did you know that you can set storage limits on a SharePoint site in SharePoint Online? It is not set by default, but something you can configure if need be. In today’s post, I would like to tell you a bit more about the feature, how it works and whether or not it makes sense. Site Storage Metrics Reports Before I show… keep reading >

Personal Forms vs. Group Forms

If you use the Forms Application to create polls, quizzes, and surveys, it is essential to understand that you can have both Personal and Group Forms. In this article, I would like to explain the difference between Personal and Group Forms and mention the corresponding impact in SharePoint and OneDrive. Personal Forms By default, when you create a new Form in MS… keep reading >

Multiple Content Types or multiple document libraries?

For those of you who are fans of metadata and content types (which I assume you are since you are reading this post on my blog) 😊, one question/decision point we have to make is whether we create a single library with multiple content types in it or assign a single content type to each library. That is a pretty valid question,… keep reading >

How to change a logo on a SharePoint Site

You would think that changing a logo on a SharePoint Site would be a trivial task. But hey, we are dealing with SharePoint here, so there is always a twist! As a matter of fact – sometimes it feels like going to a proctologist – the whole process can be a bit overwhelming and you feel embarrassed along the way. No worries… keep reading >

How to create a Gallery View on a List

I have become a huge fan of the Lists app lately. I have used them since the classic SharePoint days, but they were a bit boring back then. But ever since Microsoft upgraded Lists’ functionality and modernized them a few years ago, Lists have become sexy again. I published lots and lots of topics on their wonderful features. One of the new… keep reading >

Is SharePoint the replacement for network drives?

This is probably the first question you might ask when you migrate from file shares/network drives to SharePoint Online and Teams. Whether your organization is new to Microsoft 365 or has been using SharePoint and Teams for a while, you probably wonder if you should make the leap and migrate the entire network drives to SharePoint Online. In this article, I would… keep reading >