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How to create a Gallery View on a List

I have become a huge fan of the Lists app lately. I have used them since the classic SharePoint days, but they were a bit boring back then. But ever since Microsoft upgraded Lists’ functionality and modernized them a few years ago, Lists have become sexy again. I published lots and lots of topics on their wonderful features. One of the new… keep reading >

Is SharePoint the replacement for network drives?

This is probably the first question you might ask when you migrate from file shares/network drives to SharePoint Online and Teams. Whether your organization is new to Microsoft 365 or has been using SharePoint and Teams for a while, you probably wonder if you should make the leap and migrate the entire network drives to SharePoint Online. In this article, I would… keep reading >

Refreshed Logo for SharePoint Maven

In SharePoint and in life, one thing remains a constant: Change! My original logo was created in 2015, and while I’m quite fond of it, I knew it was time to take a page out of the SharePoint book and craft it into something that represents both the evolution of my business and the program that is such a huge part of… keep reading >

How to close the Survey in Microsoft Forms

I blogged previously about the beautiful and simple application called Microsoft Forms. Forms allow you to create simple surveys and questionnaires and integrate them with the other Microsoft 365 applications like SharePoint, Lists, and others. But what if you ran the survey and no longer need to accept any results? Perhaps you created an intake form to register people for a class/training… keep reading >

How to apply a site template to a SharePoint Site

As I documented in one of my previous posts, you only have two choices (site types) when creating a site: a Communication site template and a Team site template. Once the site is created, you can customize it further by adding web parts, splitting pages into sections/columns, and adding images and color themes. But what if you are new to SharePoint or… keep reading >