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What are Viva Connections?

I blogged previously about the release of the Viva Platform and explained in great detail one of its modules – Viva Topics. Today I want to introduce you to another Viva Module that is extremely important to the end-users – Viva Connections. I want to explain what it is, why we have it, and its benefits. The Problem A typical arrangement you… keep reading >

How to associate a Hub to another Hub in SharePoint Online

It has been more than three years since Hub functionality made its debut in SharePoint Online. One of my first posts on the topic provides detailed instructions on doing just that. However, ever since we got Hub Sites, there have been many requests from SharePoint administrators (especially those who are part of the large organizations) to associate a hub to another hub.… keep reading >

How to restore a previous version of an Item in a list

Version History is one of my favorite features in SharePoint. Where else will you have a chance to go back in history as if nothing has happened? Not in real life 😊. I have previously demonstrated how version history works with document libraries and how you can restore older versions of the documents. However, did you know that you can also utilize… keep reading >

What are Viva Topics?

Unless you lived in a cave this year, I am sure you heard or read about the new set of applications released by Microsoft under the common platform called Viva. It is a set of applications based on artificial intelligence that brings information to you at the right place at the right time. You can read more about Viva Topics here. Viva… keep reading >

How to create a calendar view on a SharePoint list

Let’s face it, we all love calendars. The calendar view allows us to visualize the data/due dates efficiently and draw a mental comparison to the tasks we have due on any given date or in the near future. Good news: if your list with rows and columns of data contains date fields, we can now create a view that will display the… keep reading >

Why you still need SharePoint

“We don’t need to use SharePoint, we already have Teams and OneDrive” is something I hear quite often lately. The statement is on the same level of credibility as the “Earth is flat” argument. So in case you are wondering whether or not you need SharePoint, and have doubts about it,  you might want to read this article. What is SharePoint? First,… keep reading >