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Happy 20th Birthday, SharePoint!

Well, it is March 28 again, and you know what that means. It is SharePoint’s Birthday! But not any birthday. Today SharePoint is turning 20 years old! That’s right – our baby is no longer a teenager. 20 years is a lot for an application and technology in general. If you think about the technology and apps you used 20 years ago… keep reading >

How to make yourself an Administrator of any SharePoint site

If you are a SharePoint Administrator in your organization – Mazel Tov – you have the super-powers of being able to make yourself an Administrator of any SharePoint site and anyone’s OneDrive in your environment. That being said, it does not mean you have access to all the sites automatically. It is not something that happens by default, though, and you would… keep reading >

How to default Office files to open in the native app from SharePoint and OneDrive

By default, when you click on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files from SharePoint or OneDrive, they open up in the browser. That is the default experience for these file types. The browser experience opens files quickly, allows you to make the changes “on the fly,” and best of all –the changes are auto-saved back to SharePoint or OneDrive. However, if you are… keep reading >

Teams vs. Yammer

Coke or Pepsi? Cat or Dog? Republican or Democrat? Life is full of choices. In this post, however, I would like to help you resolve one of the biggest choices you have to make in your Microsoft 365 environment. I am, of course, talking about the Teams vs. Yammer debate. Both, on the surface, happen to be doing the same thing, but… keep reading >

3 ways to create a Team in Teams

If you have a new project and are ready to spin up a new Team, you might want to read this post. Did you know there are a few ways for you to create a Team in Teams? Depending on your scenario, you might want to choose one option over the other. In this article, I explain the three options available to… keep reading >