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Microsoft 365

How to properly configure Microsoft 365 Group email settings

One of the biggest mysteries and misunderstandings I find from my experience working with clients is how Microsoft 365 Group distribution list works. Some users receive an email; some do not. Sometimes that group is visible in Outlook; sometimes, it does not. So in this article, I would like to clear the confusion once and for all (hopefully) and explain to you,… keep reading >

5 ways to create a Poll in Microsoft 365

Asking someone a quick set of questions/feedback is something that we all need to do once in a while. Perhaps you need to run a poll to find out an opinion of an event that occurred or gather ideas for something you want to plan in the future. I am not talking about a long multi-question survey here – but rather a… keep reading >

How to communicate changes in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to your employees

When people ask me how the hell I manage to stay sane with all the changes constantly happening in SharePoint and Microsoft 365, I joke that I can only do this by drinking lots of alcohol. Microsoft releases or changes features in SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft 365 more frequently than Kim Kardashian posting new photos to her Instagram account. So how do… keep reading >

Do we still need Active Directory groups in the age of Microsoft Teams?

I got an interesting question from one of my loyal followers the other day. They recently migrated to Microsoft 365 from the on-premises file server. Since they heavily used file shares and network drives with deep folder hierarchies, they had many Active Directory Groups created to control folder-level permissions within the file share. And since the client started to heavily rely on… keep reading >

3 ways to view own Tasks in Microsoft 365

When it comes to managing tasks in Microsoft 365, there are several choices to choose from. One can use the To Do App for own tasks, Planner App for Team ones, or use of the other options I previously blogged about previously. But how does one stay on top of the tasks from all the various sources? In this post, I would… keep reading >