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Microsoft 365

How to save Microsoft Forms as a template

If you created a Form in MS Forms and would like to share your creation with others, you might want to read this post. In today’s article, I will explain to you how to save Microsoft Forms as a template and, as a result, make them available to others in your organization. Save Form as a Template vs. Sharing a Form First,… keep reading >

How to share Microsoft Forms with your colleagues

I don’t blog often about Forms – at the end of the day, unlike SharePoint, it is meant to be plug and play kind of tool that can be used by any business user without any significant configuration. However, there are a few features/scenarios available where you might need to “go behind the scenes” once in a while. One of those scenarios… keep reading >

5 cool features of MS Forms

Microsoft Forms proved to be a great light-weight alternative to other available advanced tools in terms of data collection. I explained Forms and what it is all about in this post. Today, I want to highlight what are, in my opinion, the 5 cool features of MS Forms. Enjoy! 1. Accessible by external users The first cool feature is the ability to… keep reading >

An overview of task management options in SharePoint and Office 365

Everything is a project! This is my main motto in life. Hey, after all, to get things done, we need to complete tasks. While, for the most part, we use SharePoint and Office 365 to store documents, the second most important function of our daily routine is to track and complete tasks. Tasks for temporary project teams we are part of, tasks… keep reading >