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How to prevent users from associating a site to your Hub

So you created your Hub Site, associated a few sites to it, create Hub navigation. But, how do you make sure others do not add their site to your beautiful Hub? In this article, I would like to explain how you can prevent users from associating a site to your Hub while designating certain “approved” users as well. Who can associate a… keep reading >

All the ways to migrate the files to SharePoint Online

So you created your sites and document libraries in SharePoint, set up proper security and navigation, trained your staff, and now it is time to do the heavy lifting – migrate the files to SharePoint Online! What are the options when it comes to migrating documents to SharePoint? In this post, I would like to summarize all the available options. For each,… keep reading >

5 reasons to like SharePoint Online News Web Part

I mentioned this a few times in my blog already – I really love SharePoint Online News Web Part. It is simple, yet versatile. It allows you to easily manage news announcements within your organization as well use it for building a blog for your organization. Today, I want to highlight what are, in my opinion, the 5 most attractive features of… keep reading >

How to personalize SharePoint for users

Quite a common request among many organizations using SharePoint is the ability to personalize SharePoint for users/employees. In other words – surface up content on a SharePoint Site/Page based on the user logged in. In this article, I would like to explain all the available options available up to date. I will admit this right away, personalization options in SharePoint are not… keep reading >