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How to display the last check-in comment in a document library

If you and your team are using the Check-out feature in SharePoint, then you will definitely benefit from this tip I am about to share in this article. In this post, I would like to explain how you can display the last check-in comment in a document library. Check In/Check Out feature While I am all for real-time collaboration and co-authoring, Check… keep reading >

How to enable multiple languages on a SharePoint Site

Parle français? Hable español? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If you are part of a multi-national corporation or live in a country that has several official languages, that means that your users would need to have the SharePoint site/content displayed in their local language. In this post, I would like to explain how to properly add additional languages to your SharePoint site. Site’s Default… keep reading >

How to create a Quality Management System in SharePoint Online

One of the common requirements, especially for Engineering and Manufacturing firms, is creating a Quality Management System (QMS). There are, of course, dedicated off-the-shelf software solutions already available on the market. However, with the wide adoption of SharePoint and Teams, the obvious question is whether or not applications and features available within the Microsoft 365 suite can be used to satisfy QMS… keep reading >

How to share Word documents from SharePoint and OneDrive in the Review mode

The ability to share links to documents from SharePoint and OneDrive is one of the primary collaboration features. I documented its benefits in this post. However, when you share a document and leave the default settings on, the user can modify the document. Sometimes, though, you want the recipient to provide comments on the file without actually editing it right away. In… keep reading >

What are Viva Connections?

I blogged previously about the release of the Viva Platform and explained in great detail one of its modules – Viva Topics. Today I want to introduce you to another Viva Module that is extremely important to the end-users – Viva Connections. I want to explain what it is, why we have it, and its benefits. The Problem A typical arrangement you… keep reading >

How to associate a Hub to another Hub in SharePoint Online

It has been more than three years since Hub functionality made its debut in SharePoint Online. One of my first posts on the topic provides detailed instructions on doing just that. However, ever since we got Hub Sites, there have been many requests from SharePoint administrators (especially those who are part of the large organizations) to associate a hub to another hub.… keep reading >