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How to capture the Version History of a Document Set

Well, writing this post is such a pleasure. I get to discuss two of my most favorite features in SharePoint: Version History and Document Sets. Specifically, I would like to explain how you can capture the version history of a Document Set. Just like the Document Set is a unique feature (Content Type) in SharePoint, the ability to create a version for… keep reading >

2 ways to control page editing on a SharePoint site

By default, any regular member of the site can add/edit/delete pages on a SharePoint site in SharePoint Online. This is good news if you are building some sort of Wiki/Knowledge Base and want your users to edit/add content easily. However, if you have a Communication Site of some sort that is meant to be managed by select few people, you probably do… keep reading >

What is Keyword Query Language and how to use it in SharePoint Online

In one of my earlier posts, I explained how you could use Boolean Search Operators when searching for content in SharePoint. This allowed you to expand or limit results based on some simple operators like AND, OR, or NOT. That Boolean Query example is one of the basic concepts behind something called Keyword Query Language, also knows as KQL.  If you would… keep reading >

4 ways to remove news posts from the SharePoint page

I blogged extensively about the news posts and the news widget in the past. This happens to be one of my favorite features/functionalities in SharePoint due to its ease of use and available customizations. But once you publish the news posts, how do you remove them from the news widget so they no longer appear on the landing page? I came up… keep reading >

5 PowerShell commands you need to know with SharePoint Online

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Greg, what the @#$% are you talking about? For years, and via hundreds of blog posts, you have been telling us, the business users, to use SharePoint out of the box, to never utilize a single line of code, and now you are writing an article about PowerShell – the scripting language for IT geeks?… keep reading >

How to move documents between SharePoint Sites without breaking the sharing links

If you shared files with others in SharePoint, you probably have encountered one of the most notorious issues related to it. You share a file with someone by clicking the Share button and then decide to move that file to another site. That common and innocent operation would break the sharing links for everyone you shared that content with, leading to a… keep reading >