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5 Phases of SharePoint implementation

Just like with everything in life, there are multiple ways to implement SharePoint within the organization. I documented previously different ways to approach implementation and different schools of thought on the topic. However, with the recent changes in SharePoint information architecture and new applications we now have in Microsoft 365, there has been a new trend in terms of implementation, or phases… keep reading >

5 tricks that will make you a SharePoint Page Rockstar

Modern SharePoint pages provide a very natural and intuitive way to adjust the look and feel of your SharePoint sites. All you need to do is click the Edit button and get to work. The most important capabilities are right there on a surface available for you. However, there are a few cool tricks available that exist that some of you might… keep reading >

8 ways to display Employee Directory in SharePoint

The ability to display some sort of Employee Directory or Org Chart in SharePoint has got to be one of the most frequent business requirements of the modern Intranets. That is not surprising, especially these days when many users are remote and need to know who the hell they work with and who people report to within their organization. In this post,… keep reading >

How to access files and folders shared with the Microsoft 365 Group via Shared with Us Link

One of my favorite features of OneDrive for Business is the ability to see files shared with me by others. As users share files from SharePoint sites and own OneDrive accounts, all those files end up in the Shared with me section of OneDrive. I documented this feature in this post a while ago. We also have a similar capability with Microsoft… keep reading >

Why you still need a SharePoint Intranet

I get this question quite a bit from my loyal blog followers and clients. “Greg, we already utilize OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Do we really need to have a SharePoint Intranet?” The short answer is “Yes.” And not because I build Intranet portals for organizations for a living. SharePoint Intranet has a purpose, which I would like to explain to you in… keep reading >

How to bookmark folders via Add Shortcut to OneDrive feature

As you deal with literally hundreds and thousands of files in SharePoint sites, you might want to save or bookmark certain files and folders so that you can come back to them later. In one of my earlier videos, I explained the ability to pin documents. That feature allowed you to pin files and create pins on a given document library, and… keep reading >