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Topic: "Calendar"

How to create a calendar view on a SharePoint list

Let’s face it, we all love calendars. The calendar view allows us to visualize the data/due dates efficiently and draw a mental comparison to the tasks we have due on any given date or in the near future. Good news: if your list with rows and columns of data contains date fields, we can now create a view that will display the… keep reading >

How to add a Channel Calendar in Teams

I am sure you, just like everyone else, are part of many Teams within your organization. That means that you are probably are part of many Teams meetings as a result. It is easy to lose sanity between all the meetings related to various projects, staff meetings, etc. The built-in Calendar in Teams does not allow for any grouping or filtering to… keep reading >

A review of all the calendar options in SharePoint and Office 365

From my personal experience and observations, a group calendar is the most frequently requested feature in SharePoint Intranets (after document libraries of course). From tracking company holidays to the company-wide calendar to vacations, we all need a place for tracking events of our busy office lives. When I used to work in the corporate world, I, for example, used group calendars to… keep reading >

How to roll up calendars in SharePoint

Ever wished you could aggregate multiple SharePoint calendars in one place? Usually, when you need to roll up content from multiple SharePoint sites – it is somewhat of a challenge. There is no web part that allows you to easily roll up documents, tasks or other content. However, SharePoint Calendar has a wonderful built-in feature called “Calendar Overlay“, allowing you to roll… keep reading >