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SharePoint for Education

Looking for an easier way to share information with stakeholders?

Promote greater collaboration between administrative staff and educators

The need to respond to multiple, highly invested stakeholders can result in a significant communications burden for already overtaxed K-12 schools and university systems. SharePoint allows you to build an information portal that can function as a single point of access, making it easier for administrative staff and educators to collaborate by enabling shared documents, calendars and scheduling features. This online portal also allows work groups to more easily provide feedback on documents and reports, eliminating the confusion that arises when too many versions of the same document have been created.

Promote greater engagement with parents and students

SharePoint allows you to design custom portals that allow teachers, administrators, parents and students to engage outside of the classroom. My custom SharePoint solutions enable easy access to your resources anytime from any connected device.

Simplify administrative workflows

Sharing information with district personnel, school boards, parents and community members becomes easier when you set up the right workflows within SharePoint. Online document libraries provide a centralized location to store administrative procedures and processes. What’s more, your teachers will finally have a centralized, secure location where they can post lesson plans, coursework, and research.

SharePoint Assistance

As a SharePoint Consultant with over 10 years experience, I provide custom, inexpensive, code-free, out-of-the-box SharePoint solutions for your business needs. I offer:

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“We were too busy and inexperienced with SharePoint to learn the ins and outs of setting up an effective project site.  Greg was great at digging out the details of what we needed and quickly get a functioning team site that meets our specific needs. Thank you Greg!”

- Mortgage Consulting Firm, GA, USA