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Greg Zelfond, SharePoint expert consultant

SharePoint Online is a powerful, complex, application when it comes to collaboration, and it can be confusing as… well, let’s just say it can get pretty frustrating if you dive in alone.

But, trust me, you’re more than capable of mastering it! All you need is a friendly, knowledgeable guide.

Does this sound like you?

Bookmark Solid

You are new to SharePoint and don’t know where to start

Box Archive Solid

You can’t find the content you saved in SharePoint

List Check Solid

You’re responsible for SharePoint tasks you’ve never been trained for

Shield Solid

You’re concerned about security and access to your site, team, document or folders


You don’t even know if you’re supposed to be using SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive!

Efficiency and Confidence Can Be Your New Reality

Right now, I know it feels like nothing will work, like you might as well just cross your fingers, hope for the best, and save your files wherever it feels right.

I know this because I’ve watched countless clients struggle with the exact same frustrating situations, and I’m thrilled to be able to help.

Hi! I’m Greg Zelfond, and I help clients from small-to-medium-sized businesses master SharePoint through my on-demand SharePoint Maven Academy.

I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but with a little bit of time and learning, you’ll be able to navigate and use SharePoint confidently… without wanting to run away and start a new life on a remote island, completely free of all technology. It’s worth it, I promise.

Master the basics of SharePoint with my online SharePoint training classes

Once you’ve mastered the basics with one of my on-demand courses, you’ll:

  • Know exactly where all of your files are, and who has access to them
  • Have a functional, professional SharePoint site that works for you
  • Spend significantly less time chasing tech support emergencies
  • Understand the best way to structure your sites and content
  • Be a pro when it comes to all of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features
Each of our SharePoint courses is about 2 hours of on-demand content

These on-demand courses will transform the way you work

  • Each course contains approximately 2 hours of existing, on-demand content that can be consumed at a pace that works for you.
  • By logging in to your course portal, you’ll have access to approachable, easy-to-understand videos about your topic of choice.
  • Once you’ve completed a course to your satisfaction, you’ll be able to approach that topic with confidence, rather than stress and frustration

Each Course Includes:

  • 24/7 Access from any device
  • Extensive tips and best practices
  • A knowledgeable, passionate instructor — me!
  • At least 2 hours of video lessons

Enrolling is Easy!

Simply choose the course, click “Enroll,” create an account, and enter your payment information! From there you’ll be instantly enrolled, and given 4 months of access to the course you have purchased.

“Greg provided excellent customer service and communication throughout the entire project. He created a detailed statement of work, met all deadlines and deliverables, and even sent us recordings of the training sessions. We highly recommend SharePoint Maven!”


“Greg knows his stuff. I would use him again without hesitation. I learned a ton and our people are getting more done!”

Professional Speaker and Coach

“Greg has converted us into SharePoint fans and has created a fantastic collaborative tool and experience to help streamline our business.”

Small Business
Toronto, Canada

SharePoint Maven’s online SharePoint training courses are built with you in mind

SharePoint Maven’s Courses Are Built With You In Mind

After over a decade helping clients navigate and use SharePoint, I have in-depth knowledge of the obstacles in the way of using this tool with confidence. These courses are designed to avoid those pitfalls and set you up for success.

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The longer you wait to enroll in our SharePoint online classes, the longer you’ll be struggling with your SharePoint systems and processes

There’s Never Been a Better Day to Jump In!

The longer you wait to enroll in one of SharePoint Maven’s on-demand courses, the longer you’ll be struggling with your SharePoint systems and processes, and the longer you’ll be dealing with stress, frustration, and confusion.

Remember: I’m here to help, and I want to see you succeed. The first step is only a few clicks away!

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More About Greg

Greg Zelfond is a SharePoint consultant who helps small-to-medium-sized businesses overcome their SharePoint struggles, so they can enjoy confidence and efficiency as they use this powerful application to improve communication and file sharing within their organizations.

He’s passionate about helping his clients, because he knows firsthand the struggle of using SharePoint without a full understanding of how it works — no one wants to feel lost, alone, and hopeless, especially at work!

Over his 10 years as a consultant, Greg has been responsible for thousands of clients improving not only the efficiency and communication within their organizations, but also simply helping them decrease the effort and stress they experience each day.

Now, he’s helping clients like you do all of that at a fraction of the cost of hiring him one-on-one with his on-demand SharePoint Maven Academy. When he’s not teaching or consulting on SharePoint, you can probably find Greg biking, hiking, or generally enjoying the great outdoors with his three little kids.

“Greg was very straightforward and informed us of specific Office 365/SharePoint limits. He guided us to productive and achievable resolutions to our questions and used out-of-the-box features. Thanks Greg!”

Architecture Firm

“We started to work on SharePoint with great help from Greg blog but at a certain point, we decided to hire a SharePoint Consultant. I selected Greg and since the first contact meeting, everything flowed easily until the end of the first phase of Deployment. Much of the success is thanks to Greg.”

Artificial Intelligence Company

“Greg delivered very detailed knowledge using context from examples that simplified a very confusing topic. His training is well focused and includes specific tips that would be very time consuming to track down otherwise. Greg’s style is clear and adaptive and allowed us to follow along through a session thick with content.”

Internet Services Provider