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On-Demand Training: SharePoint Site Owner

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Greg Zelfond, SharePoint expert consultant

This online, on-demand course is intended for those “power” users who will manage SharePoint sites.

I’ll bet the whole thing feels pretty hopeless right now — like you’re behind the game before you’ve even started.

I’m Greg, the SharePoint Maven, and I’ve watched my clients struggle with frustration and confusion, and then I’ve watched them thrive. All it took was some structured, approachable guidance. I’ll be your friendly, knowledgeable teacher through every step of this course!

$60 USD
2 Hours
45 Lessons
$60 USD
2 Hours

Course Curriculum

  • Sites vs. Web Parts. Vs. Pages
  • What is a Site?
  • What is a Web Part?
  • What is a Page?
  • What is Microsoft 365 Group?
  • Microsoft 365 Group Overview
  • 2 types of SharePoint sites
  • What is a Communication Site?
  • What is a Team Site?

  • How to create a Communication Site
  • How to create a Team Site
  • Private vs. Public Privacy Setting
  • How to manage Navigation
  • How to change the Look and Feel

  • Sections and Columns
  • How to add Web Parts to a page
  • How to Save and Publish a page
  • How to create a new Page
  • How to access all the pages on a Site
  • How to compare page versions
  • How to restore a previous version of the page
  • How to link text using Page Anchors
  • How to link pages

  • Out of the box Web Parts
  • An overview of the frequently used web parts
  • How to access additional settings of a web part
  • How to configure News Web Part

  • How to manage security on a Communication Site
  • How to manage security on a Team Site
  • How to share a Team Site without inviting user to a group
  • How to remove users from a site
  • How to remove access to shared files and folders
  • How to create unique permissions for a document library
  • How to create unique permissions for a file or folder
  • How to adjust Site Sharing Settings
  • How to prevent Members from editing Pages

  • How to prevent Document Library synchronization
  • How to force Office files to open in the desktop application
  • How to adjust the number of versions in a document library
  • How to restore a document library
  • How to access Second-Stage Recycle Bin

How It Works

All it takes is 2 hours of your time — when it works for you — and you’ll be well on your way to being a happy, successful SharePoint Site Owner.

Enrolling is Easy!

Simply click “Enroll,” create an account, and enter your payment information! From there you’ll be instantly enrolled, and given 4 months of access to this course.

Our tutorial teaches SharePoint beginner skills: upload documents, share files and folders, and understand the concept of sites and document libraries

Being a SharePoint Site Owner is Only 2 Hours Away!

SharePoint Online is a powerful, complex application when it comes to collaboration, however, it takes effort to make your SharePoint site secure and user-friendly. Putting forth effort toward something you’re not comfortable with can be a daunting task, indeed!

But I’m not worried — you’re more than capable of mastering this section of SharePoint! All you need is a friendly, knowledgeable guide.

This Course Is Perfect For You If:

You’re not sure if your SharePoint site is secure enough

You have no idea who has access to the site and its contents

You need to create or manage your department’s SharePoint site, but don’t know where to start

You don’t understand the difference between the types of sites and templates available

You don’t even know if you need to create a site or a page

Our SharePoint tutorial will have you confident in using Microsoft SharePoint in only 2 hours

Once You’ve Mastered the Basics With This Course, You’ll:

  • Understand the difference between available SharePoint site templates
  • Know how to properly create a SharePoint site
  • Have knowledge and expertise to customize your site and make it user-friendly
  • Understand how to make your site secure for internal and external collaboration
  • Adjust certain site and library settings for optimal security and user experience
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Our on-demand SharePoint training for beginners class will get you up to speed on SharePoint quickly

There’s Never Been a Better Day to Jump In!

The longer you wait to enroll in one of SharePoint Maven’s on-demand courses, the longer you’ll be struggling with your SharePoint systems and processes, and the longer you’ll be dealing with stress, frustration, and confusion.

Remember: I’m here to help, and I want to see you succeed. The first step is only a few clicks away!

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“Greg knows his stuff. I would use him again without hesitation. I learned a ton and our people are getting more done!”

Professional Speaker and Coach

“Greg’s knowledge and passion about SharePoint shine through everything he does. Without him, our organization would be lost. I would recommend anyone serious about using SharePoint to contact Greg!”

Real Estate Association

“Greg has converted us into SharePoint fans and has created a fantastic collaborative tool and experience to help streamline our business.”

Small Business
Toronto, Canada