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SharePoint Maven Academy Volume Licensing

Do you have more than 5 users who need access to my On-Demand courses? With SharePoint Maven Academy volume licensing, you’ll enjoy discounts on my Academy courses and receive convenient, company-specific links to the modules you purchase. Once You share the links with your employees, your team won’t need to enter credit card information—they’ll simply click, enroll, and start learning!

Academy Volume Licensing Costs

Number of Licenses
Cost per User per Course
1-5 licenses
$60 per user per course
0% discount
6-10 licenses
$50 per user per course
17% discount
11-50 licenses
$40 per user per course
33% discount
51-100 licenses
$30 per user per course
50% discount
100+ licenses
$20 per user per course
67% discount

Please note that 1 course for 1 user = 1 license. So, for example, if you have 20 employees (users) who each need to take two courses from the Academy, you will need to order 40 licenses.

How Academy Volume Licensing Works

Select a list of courses you would like to make available to your team
Decide how many team members will take each course
Contact me via the form below with your choices
I issue an invoice for the total number of licenses you request
Once paid, you’ll receive your company-specific links to the courses
Share course links with users so they can enroll and start learning!

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“Greg is very knowledgeable and explains things thoroughly. We should have reached out sooner!”

- IT Management Firm, CA, USA