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SharePoint for Retail

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Do you need a way to help your employees work smarter?

SharePoint’s collaboration and document management platform allows your employees to receive daily updates about the latest corporate news. It also includes a robust search feature that enables employees to quickly find the information they need.

Maintain Consistent Communications With Store Employees

Retailers operate in a fast-paced environment, one where providing a consistent brand experience is critical. I can design a customized retail portal that will help corporate employees as well as your sale associates and store managers to stay informed about new products, upcoming promotions, corporate policies and procedures.

Share Best Practices

SharePoint enables you to create an intranet that strengthens the ties between employees in your corporate office and your retail stores. You can post images and videos about new products, store promotions, and other information that everyone on your teams—associates and managers—can access.

Ensure Document Security In A Competitive Market

Change the way you communicate with your store managers and associates. SharePoint is a secure platform that streamlines the distribution flow of information. I can create a custom SharePoint solution that enables your team to readily share information that will improve customer store experience and drive revenue growth.

Consulting Services

Hourly Consulting

Hourly SharePoint Consulting services are an ideal option for clients who need short-term, immediate help troubleshooting their SharePoint platform, or customizing their content management setup into something that works for them. This option allows for clients to receive exactly the help they need, without having to pay for irrelevant SharePoint services.

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When it comes to a company’s Intranet configuration, there’s one big fact to keep in mind: No two companies share identical needs. SharePoint Maven’s Intranet consulting services provide an out-of-the-box, customized solution designed specifically for your company’s operations, and on a timeline that will get you up and running in no time.

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Document Management

You can save staggering amounts of time, energy, and productivity by investing in a streamlined, efficient document management system through SharePoint Online. My content management consulting services will ultimately provide you with an out-of-the-box setup built specifically for your company, as well as the training you’ll need to use it efficiently.

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How much unnecessary work is your team doing, and how is that affecting your company’s productivity as a whole? With SharePoint Maven’s automated workflow consulting services, I can help you set up automated business processes that are built to your company’s needs and specifications — all while meeting compliance and following SharePoint best practices.

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“Greg delivered very detailed knowledge using context from examples that simplified a very confusing topic. His training is well focused and includes specific tips that would be very time consuming to track down otherwise. Greg’s style is clear and adaptive and allowed us to follow along through a session thick with content.”

Internet Services Provider

“Greg explains things clearly and makes them simple. He tells you the things you have to set up on the backend before implementing the solution so that you don’t try something and you can’t figure out why it doesn’t work. He understands real business cases and gives options.”

IT Firm

“We have followed Greg’s blog for a while, but his training was even more informative! We learned so much and were able to trust his knowledge of SharePoint. Highly recommended!”

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