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Live SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Training

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Greg Zelfond, SharePoint expert consultant

Are your employees struggling to learn how to use and work with SharePoint and Microsoft 365?

Save hours of frustration and confusion by signing up for my LIVE training courses delivered via a Web Meeting.

Classes are always live and you can have an unlimited number of attendees in each session!

Though I am based in the United States, I will deliver live training and accommodate your country’s time zone!

Live SharePoint training and demonstrations in my training sessions

Affordable group training

Bring your entire staff up to speed on new features for a single flat rate.

Live demonstrations

Since SharePoint’s functionalities are constantly changing, all my training sessions are conducted LIVE, in real time. They are never pre-recorded.

Group SharePoint training sessions for your employees

Promote employee buy-in

Provide easy-to-follow training that helps overcome the resistance that some employees feel whenever you change how they currently perform certain tasks.

Improve how your team collaborates

Show your team how SharePoint and Microsoft 365 can increase your productivity and collaboration.

How Courses Work

After purchasing a course, just email me your availability so we can find a mutually agreeable date when the course will occur.
Courses are typically fulfilled within 1 week from the date of a purchase.
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“Greg delivered very detailed knowledge using context from examples that simplified a very confusing topic. His training is well focused and includes specific tips that would be very time consuming to track down otherwise. Greg’s style is clear and adaptive and allowed us to follow along through a session thick with content.”

Internet Services Provider

“Greg is extremely knowledgeable in SharePoint and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to get a better understanding of SharePoint.”

IT Services

“Greg was efficient, flexible and knowledgeable. He covered the right subjects in a way that was straight forward and clear. My team enjoyed the training session.”

Machine Manufacturer

Looking for something else?

Customize your SharePoint training course for your business’ specific needs

Customize Your Course

If there’s one thing the versatility of SharePoint makes very clear, it’s that every business has different needs, processes, and desired outcomes. The same goes for learning how to use SharePoint!

While I already offer a wide variety of educational options like live and on-demand training, I know that some companies still need an elevated level of customization.

What does custom SharePoint training  look like?

What Does Custom SharePoint Training Look Like?

Almost any way you need it to look! All of my training courses are delivered remotely via a web conference tool, making it simple and convenient to dream up, design, and deliver a custom SharePoint training course that checks all your business’ boxes. We can work together to:

  • Customize any of my existing courses to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Develop an entire custom SharePoint training course solely for your organization

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