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On-Demand Training: Microsoft Teams (FREE)

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This online, on-demand course is intended for those who want to start using Microsoft Teams.

At this stage, I know you’re overwhelmed, and that it feels like you’ll never get any of these platforms figured out. But because I’ve watched so many clients not only understand them, but actually learn how to use them efficiently and successfully, I know that sometimes it just takes a little help to get you there.

I’m Greg, the SharePoint Maven, and I’ll be your friendly, knowledgeable teacher through every step of this course!

2.5 Hours
57 Lessons
2.5 Hours

Course Curriculum

How It Works

In only 2 hours, you’ll be able to collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues and external users using the Microsoft Teams application!

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Simply click “Enroll” and create an account! From there you’ll be instantly enrolled, and given 4 months of access to this course.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Teams is your one-stop shop for collaboration, but in order to use it properly, you need to understand its relationship to SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, and other Microsoft 365 applications. And yes, it can feel confusing.

But I know you’ve got the skill to master it — all you need is a friendly, knowledgeable guide!

This Course Is Perfect For You If:

You’re not sure if you should create a “team” or a “channel” to collaborate

You don’t understand what type of team or channel to create for proper security

You saved your files in Teams, but have no idea where they are and who has access to them

You don’t understand how Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive relate to each other

You don’t even know if you’re supposed to be using SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive!

Once You’ve Mastered the Basics With This Course, You’ll:

  • Know how the Teams application is connected to SharePoint and Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Understand the difference between private and public Teams
  • Understand the difference between standard, private, and shared channels
  • Know who has access to what in your Microsoft Team
  • Know how to adjust the setting of a Team to make it more secure when collaborating internally and externally
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There’s Never Been a Better Day to Jump In!

The longer you wait to enroll in one of SharePoint Maven’s on-demand courses, the longer you’ll be struggling with your SharePoint systems and processes, and the longer you’ll be dealing with stress, frustration, and confusion.

Remember: I’m here to help, and I want to see you succeed. The first step is only a few clicks away!

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“Greg delivered very detailed knowledge using context from examples that simplified a very confusing topic. His training is well focused and includes specific tips that would be very time consuming to track down otherwise. Greg’s style is clear and adaptive and allowed us to follow along through a session thick with content.”

Internet Services Provider

“Greg is very knowledgeable and explains things thoroughly. We should have reached out sooner!”

IT Management Firm

“Greg is extremely knowledgeable in SharePoint and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to get a better understanding of SharePoint.”

IT Services