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On-Demand Training: SharePoint Metadata

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Greg Zelfond, SharePoint expert consultant

This online, on-demand course is for anyone who is struggling to find documents stored in the existing folder hierarchies.

Getting your team organized and on the same page might feel impossible right now — especially when you don’t even know where to start! But don’t worry; you’re only a couple of hours away from finding your footing.

I’m Greg, the SharePoint Maven, and as I’ve helped countless clients over my career, I’ve watched them all overcome the exact situation you’re in right now. I’m thrilled to be able to help, and I can’t wait to get started! I’ll be your friendly, knowledgeable teacher through every step of this course.

$60 USD
2 Hours
52 Lessons
$60 USD
2 Hours

Course Curriculum

  • Problems with Folders
  • The concept of SharePoint Metadata
  • Metadata Real Life Example
  • Metadata in SharePoint Overview
  • 3 ways to create Metadata in SharePoint

  • Column Types Overview
  • How to create Library Metadata
  • How to tag documents
  • How to update Library columns
  • How to change the order of columns in the Information Panel
  • Library Metadata Limitations

  • Site Column Creation Process Overview
  • How to create Site Columns
  • How to add Site Columns to a library
  • How to Update Site columns
  • Site Metadata Limitations

  • Introduction to the Term Store
  • How to make yourself an Admin of the Term Store
  • The concept of Term Groups, Term Sets, Terms
  • Term Store Metadata Column Creation Process Overview
  • How to create new Terms
  • How to create Managed Metadata Columns
  • How to tag documents with Managed Metadata
  • How to update Managed Metadata Columns
  • How to delete Terms
  • How to access Term Store from a SharePoint Site

  • Global Metadata
  • Rename a Term
  • Typeahead functionality
  • Synonyms
  • Term Hierarchies
  • Multi-language support
  • Custom Sort
  • Submission Policy
  • Term Group Security
  • Term Import via Excel

  • How to change the order of columns in a view
  • How to create additional views in a library
  • How to pin columns to the Filters Pane

  • Required Metadata implications
  • Security implications
  • OneDrive Sync implications
  • Global Search implications
  • Tagging Folders
  • Filtering across files and Folders

  • How to come up with metadata
  • Metadata Considerations
  • Enterprise Keywords

How It Works

All it takes is 2 hours of your time — whenever those 2 hours work for you — and you’ll successfully navigating and utilizing SharePoint Metadata!

Enrolling is Easy!

Simply click “Enroll,” create an account, and enter your payment information! From there you’ll be instantly enrolled, and given 4 months of access to this course.

Our tutorial teaches SharePoint beginner skills: upload documents, share files and folders, and understand the concept of sites and document libraries

SharePoint Metadata Expertise Is Only 2 Hours Away!

SharePoint Metadata is a powerful way to organize your content, however, setting it up can be an overwhelming thing to do alone!

I know you’re more than capable of not only learning how to set up and use Metadata, but also mastering it! All you need is a friendly, knowledgeable guide.

This Course Is Perfect For You If:

You have very deep folder hierarchies in SharePoint

You can’t find your documents and have duplicates all over the place

Your users create their own folders and there is no common naming convention

You want to switch to metadata but don’t know where to start

You don’t understand how to set up metadata properly for your department or organization

Our SharePoint tutorial will have you confident in using Microsoft SharePoint in only 2 hours

Once You’ve Mastered the Basics With This Course, You’ll:

  • Understand folder and metadata limitations
  • Know different ways to set up metadata for your department or organization
  • Become familiar with the Terms Store and its advantages
  • Know best practices for metadata configurations
  • Understand how to properly introduce and educate your users about metadata
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Our on-demand SharePoint training for beginners class will get you up to speed on SharePoint quickly

There’s Never Been a Better Day to Jump In!

The longer you wait to enroll in one of SharePoint Maven’s on-demand courses, the longer you’ll be struggling with your SharePoint systems and processes, and the longer you’ll be dealing with stress, frustration, and confusion.

Remember: I’m here to help, and I want to see you succeed. The first step is only a few clicks away!

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“Greg is extremely knowledgeable in SharePoint and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to get a better understanding of SharePoint.”

IT Services

“Greg was efficient, flexible and knowledgeable. He covered the right subjects in a way that was straight forward and clear. My team enjoyed the training session.”

Machine Manufacturer

“Greg helped setup the SharePoint site for us and gave us training for admins and users on how to properly use it. His training guidance was on point and easy to follow through. Highly recommended.”

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