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How to send conversations and emails between Teams and Outlook

It is no secret that Teams has become a de facto hub for collaboration. It is a single place that brings chat (conversations), files, and other content from SharePoint, as well as information from other third-party sources via its vast Apps directory. However, the good old email is still well and alive and is still a tool of choice for many (including… keep reading >

How to add a Channel Calendar in Teams

I am sure you, just like everyone else, are part of many Teams within your organization. That means that you are probably are part of many Teams meetings as a result. It is easy to lose sanity between all the meetings related to various projects, staff meetings, etc. The built-in Calendar in Teams does not allow for any grouping or filtering to… keep reading >

Personal vs. Team Applications in Microsoft Teams

I blogged a few times previously on how you can connect apps in Microsoft Teams to various channels. However, some applications can also be added as personal applications, and that is what I want to explain to you today. Team (Group) Applications Team Applications can be added to any channel by clicking on the + sign (tab) and choosing from the vast… keep reading >

A new Team or a Private Channel?

When you have several options to choose from – it is inevitable that you end up with questions on which option is the best in your specific scenario. That is exactly the situation with Microsoft Teams and Channels. Should you create a brand new Team or just a Private Channel within an existing Team? That is the question I get quite often… keep reading >

How to prevent users from adding and deleting channels and tabs in Teams

Teams proved to be a great collaboration application and somewhat of a lifesaver, especially with the remote aspect we have to endure due to pandemic. With that being said, the default settings in Teams are pretty liberal – team members have lots of power, from creating and deleting channels to adding and removing apps and tabs. This, however, might be a big… keep reading >

How to use commands in a search bar in Teams

Did you know that you can access certain Teams features just by typing simple commands within a search bar there? In this post, I would like to explain the feature and share some of my favorite and useful Teams commands. Search Bar in Teams I am sure you used the Search Bar in Teams when trying to search and locate certain conversations.… keep reading >

2 ways to connect document libraries in Teams

If you live and breathe daily in MS Teams, you might need to access or bring in documents from other libraries that exist on some other sites. There are a few ways to bring in such information in Teams. So today, I want to explain two ways to connect document libraries in Teams. By the way, in case you want to learn… keep reading >