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Topic: "Web Part"

How to apply a site template to a SharePoint Site

As I documented in one of my previous posts, you only have two choices (site types) when creating a site: a Communication site template and a Team site template. Once the site is created, you can customize it further by adding web parts, splitting pages into sections/columns, and adding images and color themes. But what if you are new to SharePoint or… keep reading >

5 ways to embed videos on a SharePoint page

Visuals, like photos, images, and videos, can help spice up your SharePoint sites. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I would also put videos in the same category – no wonder, videos are a dominating type of content across social media platforms these days. So in case you want to improve the adoption of your Intranet, the… keep reading >

How to add additional information about a user to People Web Part in SharePoint Online

I love People Web Part! It allows for a quick way to list your team members on a site, and in case you are a small firm use it as an Employee Directory of sorts. Today though, I want to uncover the little known secret which will allow you to add additional information about a user. How to add People Web Part… keep reading >

How to personalize the SharePoint site with My Feed Web Part

There are different tricks in a book to personalize the SharePoint experience for users. We can now target news posts to specific users, display recent documents the user worked on, and create a custom navigation menu using audience targeting. I always was a big fan of Delve, which displays the recent document activity to the user – but for that – the… keep reading >

How to add an RSS Feed to a SharePoint modern page

A frequent request on many SharePoint sites is to add an RSS feed from another news source like a blog or news media outlet. I blogged previously on how to add an RSS feed to a site, but that was written when we still had classic pages. Now that we have modern sites and pages, I want to provide updated instructions for… keep reading >

How to embed content from other websites in SharePoint Online

When my clients ask me to define SharePoint, I always describe it as a one-stop-shop for any content within an organization. True to its name, it does that in a very spectacular fashion. However, it is not restricted to just the content and information created and managed directly in SharePoint. You can also bring in content from other (external) web pages as… keep reading >

5 ways to display recently modified documents on a SharePoint site

When I build department or project sites for my clients, I like to display recently modified documents on a SharePoint site homepage. This is a neat trick because it is a great indicator of whether the site is active or not. Those new to the site can easily see when was the last time users added or modified documents on it. There… keep reading >