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How to create a Gallery View on a List

I have become a huge fan of the Lists app lately. I have used them since the classic SharePoint days, but they were a bit boring back then. But ever since Microsoft upgraded Lists’ functionality and modernized them a few years ago, Lists have become sexy again. I published lots and lots of topics on their wonderful features. One of the new… keep reading >

How to manage comments on a Microsoft list

If you work with lists, you probably noticed the ability to add comments to the list items. In this article, I would like to explain how to manage comments on a Microsoft list and disable them if need be. What are Microsoft Lists If you are new to the whole concept of lists, you might want to check this article first to… keep reading >

Top 5 features of Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists, in my opinion, is one of the hidden gems of SharePoint and Office 365. Lists get more attention now since there is a standalone app that exists as well. With its recent revamp, lists are more intuitive for the end-user, easier to understand and manage. In this article, I would like to highlight the top features of Microsoft Lists. Feature… keep reading >

How to share list items

Sharing content from SharePoint with others inside or outside of the organization is the core capability and is probably its most appealing feature. When we talk about sharing, we typically talk about documents or folders, or sites. However, we can now also share individual items from the lists, which I want to explain in this article. What are Lists? It probably makes… keep reading >

How to color code and format lists and libraries in SharePoint Online

Most of us rely on visualizations to make sense of data. That’s why we, humans, are attracted to colorful graphs and charts, like cats are to laser pointers. Ever since we got SharePoint lists and libraries, we had a need to make them a little more fun and visually appealing. Unfortunately, up until recently, this was only possible to those with a… keep reading >

How to restore a previous version of an Item in a list

Version History is one of my favorite features in SharePoint. Where else will you have a chance to go back in history as if nothing has happened? Not in real life 😊. I have previously demonstrated how version history works with document libraries and how you can restore older versions of the documents. However, did you know that you can also utilize… keep reading >

How to create a calendar view on a SharePoint list

Let’s face it, we all love calendars. The calendar view allows us to visualize the data/due dates efficiently and draw a mental comparison to the tasks we have due on any given date or in the near future. Good news: if your list with rows and columns of data contains date fields, we can now create a view that will display the… keep reading >