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Topic: "Version History"

Top 5 features of Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists, in my opinion, is one of the hidden gems of SharePoint and Office 365. Lists get more attention now since there is a standalone app that exists as well. With its recent revamp, lists are more intuitive for the end-user, easier to understand and manage. In this article, I would like to highlight the top features of Microsoft Lists. Feature… keep reading >

How to restore a previous version of an Item in a list

Version History is one of my favorite features in SharePoint. Where else will you have a chance to go back in history as if nothing has happened? Not in real life 😊. I have previously demonstrated how version history works with document libraries and how you can restore older versions of the documents. However, did you know that you can also utilize… keep reading >

How to compare two versions of the document in SharePoint

As changes are made to the documents in SharePoint and OneDrive, a quite frequent need that I hear periodically is the requirement to compare and highlight the differences between various versions of the same document. In this post, I would like to explain how to compare two versions of the same document in SharePoint (and OneDrive). Version History on a Document The… keep reading >

How to capture the Version History of a Document Set

Well, writing this post is such a pleasure. I get to discuss two of my most favorite features in SharePoint: Version History and Document Sets. Specifically, I would like to explain how you can capture the version history of a Document Set. Just like the Document Set is a unique feature (Content Type) in SharePoint, the ability to create a version for… keep reading >

4 ways to access file Version History in SharePoint

Document Version History happens to be one of my favorite features in SharePoint/OneDrive. After all, this is what allows you to save your butt in case you need to restore a previously saved version. When I blogged previously about the feature, I mostly referenced it from the SharePoint document library perspective. However, there are other places where you can access the Version… keep reading >

Major vs. Minor Versions in SharePoint Online

Version History has got to be one of the most important document management features in SharePoint. Just like a time machine, Version History allows you to go back in the history of a given document or an item. It also allows you to trace the changes that occurred. To translate into pure English – Version History allows you to save your butt… keep reading >

How to compare and restore SharePoint Pages

As users edit the SharePoint pages, add and delete content and web parts, it is also necessary to restore the previous versions of the pages. We had this functionality for a long time. As a matter of fact, I even wrote a post about it. However, Microsoft has recently upgraded the experience. So I would like to explain a modern option now… keep reading >