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How to organize content on a SharePoint page using collapsible sections

One of the significant changes made recently to SharePoint pages was the ability to create collapsible sections. We already had quite a few tricks in the book to organize content on a page (vertical section, multiple column layouts, etc.). The recent improvement allows site owners to create what was only possible previously via custom code. In this article, I would like to… keep reading >

How to link to a specific location on a SharePoint page via Page Anchors

We could link pages in SharePoint forever. As a matter of fact, I even published a post on the topic a while back. However, one of the common requirements is the ability to link to a specific location on a SharePoint page. Luckily, we now have this capability in SharePoint, and that is what I would like to explain to you today.… keep reading >

2 ways to control page editing on a SharePoint site

By default, any regular member of the site can add/edit/delete pages on a SharePoint site in SharePoint Online. This is good news if you are building some sort of Wiki/Knowledge Base and want your users to edit/add content easily. However, if you have a Communication Site of some sort that is meant to be managed by select few people, you probably do… keep reading >

4 ways to remove news posts from the SharePoint page

I blogged extensively about the news posts and the news widget in the past. This happens to be one of my favorite features/functionalities in SharePoint due to its ease of use and available customizations. But once you publish the news posts, how do you remove them from the news widget so they no longer appear on the landing page? I came up… keep reading >

How to schedule news posts and pages using the Schedule feature in SharePoint Online

We were able to create pages and news posts for quite some time now in SharePoint Online. Modern pages allow for an amazing and very intuitive experience for the end users to create web content in the form of text, images, and other web parts. One of the most requested features that was recently made available was the capability to schedule a… keep reading >

How to set a page template as a default page template in SharePoint Online

In one of my earlier posts, I explained a few ways to create page templates in SharePoint. Once the page template is created, users can use the template to create pages on a given SharePoint site. However, when users click Add Page, they get a list of both out-of-the-box and custom templates you created, and the out-of-the-box one is chosen by default.… keep reading >

3 ways to add a Plan to a SharePoint page

Planner proved to be a great and easy-to-use task management option for many organizations. I blogged about this wonderful tool in the past. It seamlessly integrates with Teams, SharePoint and can also be automated using Power Automate. In today’s article, though, I would like to explain a few ways you can add a Plan to a SharePoint page. Option 1: Link via… keep reading >