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Topic: "Recycle Bin"

How to properly delete a site in SharePoint

There are times when you just need to delete the whole SharePoint site. Maybe your project ended, and you no longer need its contents. Or maybe you were just fooling around with SharePoint and testing its features. Whatever the case is, the below instructions provide you with best practices and guidance as to how to delete a SharePoint site. Instructions on how… keep reading >

How to restore a Document Library in SharePoint Online

“Oops, I did it again”. This song from Britney Spears comes to my mind every time someone messes up a SharePoint document library. Unfortunately, this happens way too often. Someone deletes a bunch of files or moves them somewhere, or the files get encrypted with some sort of virus. Whatever the reason is – you might need to clean up the mess… keep reading >

How to delete old documents from a site using retention policies

If you are a hoarder, you might want to skip this article. In this post, I explain how you can delete old documents from a site using retention policies. That is correct, retention policies are not just for data retention. We can utilize the same functionality also to delete the content based on its age. This is an excellent technique to use… keep reading >

How SharePoint Online Recycle Bin works

Are you ready to have a trash talk? In this post, I will be talking about SharePoint Online Recycle Bin. I blogged about it a while back, but a lot has changed since then, so I would like to share with you, my loyal blog followers, the new updates as well tips and tricks you must be aware of when using the… keep reading >

2 ways to restore OneDrive for Business files from the Recycle Bin

With SharePoint, you never stop learning! I learn something new every single day. I wish I had all the time to share all the cool little tricks with you. But I am super excited to share this little trick I learned just recently. It is on a very exciting topic of Recycle Bins. To be precise, on how to restore OneDrive for… keep reading >

How SharePoint Recycle Bin works

Today, I want to explain the feature that no one really thinks about until they do something stupid in SharePoint – the feature I am talking about is SharePoint Recycle Bin. Most of us are of course familiar with the Recycle Bin on the computer. Deleted something accidentally? No problem, just go to Recycle Bin and resurrect the document. SharePoint allows for similar… keep reading >