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What is Keyword Query Language and how to use it in SharePoint Online

In one of my earlier posts, I explained how you could use Boolean Search Operators when searching for content in SharePoint. This allowed you to expand or limit results based on some simple operators like AND, OR, or NOT. That Boolean Query example is one of the basic concepts behind something called Keyword Query Language, also known as KQL.  If you would… keep reading >

How to use commands in a search bar in Teams

Did you know that you can access certain Teams features just by typing simple commands within a search bar there? In this post, I would like to explain the feature and share some of my favorite and useful Teams commands. Search Bar in Teams I am sure you used the Search Bar in Teams when trying to search and locate certain conversations.… keep reading >

How to use Boolean Operators in SharePoint Search

Today I want to introduce you to a trick that I hope will make your SharePoint search results more relevant. As you migrate all the content from file shares and other cloud platforms, SharePoint becomes THE go-to place for all the documents, knowledge base Wikis, and other content. And given the exponentially growing amount of content, it becomes super important to find… keep reading >

4 Levels of Search in SharePoint Online

As a SharePoint consultant, I get this question all the time (and I quote): “Now that we have uploaded all of our documents to SharePoint, how the hell do we find them?”. This is a very reasonable and valid question. It used to be that we had a dedicated department or project folder, and at least we knew where to look. In… keep reading >

How to track documents in SharePoint using Document ID feature

Today I would like to talk about a feature that existed for quite some time in SharePoint. The feature I am talking about is called Document ID. Historically, it has been used by organizations to track documents in SharePoint. However, it also has some other benefits as well. Though SharePoint went through a renaissance lately with a whole suite of modern features… keep reading >

How to roll up content from SharePoint sites using Highlighted Content Web Part

Content roll-up and aggregation from multiple sites has always been a big Matzo Ball in SharePoint. If you wanted to achieve some content aggregation in old (classic) SharePoint, you had to rely on either a Content Query or Content Search Web Part. And while they allowed to aggregate data in one place, user experience was terrible. And oh yeah, did I mention… keep reading >