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Topic: "Security"

Direct Access vs. Sharing Link in SharePoint Online

As you set up unique permissions for the files and folders in SharePoint and OneDrive, I am sure you have encountered one of the mysteries that confuses the hell out of people. What is the difference between Direct access and Sharing link options for a file or folder?  In today’s article, I would like to explain both and clarify how the two… keep reading >

Do we still need Active Directory groups in the age of Microsoft Teams?

I got an interesting question from one of my loyal followers the other day. They recently migrated to Microsoft 365 from the on-premises file server. Since they heavily used file shares and network drives with deep folder hierarchies, they had many Active Directory Groups created to control folder-level permissions within the file share. And since the client started to heavily rely on… keep reading >

Edit vs. Contribute Permission Levels in SharePoint Online

I am not being original in publishing a post about this topic. If you google “Edit vs. Contribute Permission Levels in SharePoint Online,” you will get many posts covering this very important and one of the most infamous subjects in SharePoint. Since I receive lots of questions from my clients and loyal followers still on the matter, I decided to drop a… keep reading >

15 ways to make your SharePoint Site more secure

Security is probably on every Site Owner’s mind – and this totally makes sense. As a Site or Content Owner, I want to make sure my site is not just visually appealing and has the right content, but is also secure in terms of inadvertent deletions and data loss. In this post, I compiled a list of 15 settings/features that will help… keep reading >

2 ways to manage row-level security in a SharePoint list

I had an interesting request from one of my clients the other day. They created a custom list in SharePoint that served as a dashboard of projects with various columns (metadata) carrying information on a project (location, project type, project manager, status, etc.) and one column (hyperlink type) linking to the project site. Since the list (dashboard) was accessible by a large… keep reading >

How to sync Hub permissions to the associated sites

As you build your SharePoint Online Intranet portal and associate all the different sites to the Hub, you want to assure a smooth user experience for your Hub Visitors. While associated sites inherit Hub Menu and branding, security is not inherited when you associate a site with the Hub. What that means that if the user visits your Hub Site, he/she might… keep reading >