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6 ways to build a super secure document library in SharePoint

One of the biggest concerns many organizations have when they store files and document in SharePoint is the security and integrity of their content. I have no doubt Microsoft goes above and beyond to keep files secure and encrypted in SharePoint. However, at the end of the day, SharePoint is used by humans. And humans are prone to errors. So what can you do… keep reading >

IT or Business? Who should manage SharePoint site security?

One of the decisions you have to make once you create an Intranet portal in SharePoint is who will manage SharePoint site security. I have recently published a similar post on pros and cons of AD groups vs. SharePoint groups. However, that was more of a technical decision. Today, I want to concentrate more on the governance aspect of the same topic.… keep reading >

Active Directory Groups or SharePoint Groups?

A very common question/decision point for IT departments embracing Office 365 and SharePoint is whether to rely on Active Directory Groups or SharePoint Groups when managing security in SharePoint. Both methods have their pros and cons. In this blog I would like to explain the difference between the 2 methods and provide a recommendation. Before we do that, let me first explain… keep reading >

How to set Security for a SharePoint site

Would you ever leave your wallet on table in a busy restaurant? Or, may be leave your car unlocked on a street overnight? I don’t think so. So how come you are so negligent and careless with your content in SharePoint? I can’t tell how many times I look at the clients’ SharePoint environment and it is like communism won over the… keep reading >

SharePoint Permission Levels explained

This article describes the available out of the box SharePoint permission levels, discusses best practices, explains how user can take control of the levels and also warns about a major mistake many organizations make when setting up security for their SharePoint sites. What are SharePoint Permissions Levels? Let’s first review what SharePoint permission levels are and then discuss the consequences. SharePoint Permission levels… keep reading >


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