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Topic: "News"

4 ways to remove news posts from the SharePoint page

I blogged extensively about the news posts and the news widget in the past. This happens to be one of my favorite features/functionalities in SharePoint due to its ease of use and available customizations. But once you publish the news posts, how do you remove them from the news widget so they no longer appear on the landing page? I came up… keep reading >

5 reasons to like SharePoint Online News Web Part

I mentioned this a few times in my blog already – I really love SharePoint Online News Web Part. It is simple, yet versatile. It allows you to easily manage news announcements within your organization as well use it for building a blog for your organization. Today, I want to highlight what are, in my opinion, the 5 most attractive features of… keep reading >

How to add a rotating news slider in SharePoint Online

I just can’t get enough of the News Web Part. Every time I use it, I see some new option pop-up that makes the web part more sophisticated and refined. The feature I would like to describe in this article is not new, but will make your pages more dynamic and sexy. Today I want to explain how to add a rotating… keep reading >

How to expire news posts in SharePoint Online based on the expiration date

News Web Part is an excellent addition to any informational site in SharePoint – from landing pages to department communication sites. It allows for an easy way to post an announcement and promote it within an organization. However, it does have one limitation: as the news posts accumulate, there is no way to expire them. By default, they would all appear in… keep reading >

News post page vs. SharePoint Page in SharePoint Online

Today I once again would like to talk about one of my favorite web parts in SharePoint – the News Web Part. Specifically, I want to explain the News post pages that are created as a result of this web part and draw a comparison with the regular SharePoint page. SharePoint Page Let’s start with the easier one. The SharePoint page allows… keep reading >

How to personalize news posts in SharePoint using Audience Targeting

News Widget happens to be one of my favorite web parts in SharePoint Online. I blogged previously on how you can use it to promote the news and announcements across the organization as well as how you can tag them. One of the new features rolled out in SharePoint is an ability to target the news to specific audiences, allowing you to display… keep reading >