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How to create and promote Newsletters in SharePoint & Office 365

A prevalent need these days, especially for larger companies, is to aggregate and broadcast the information to employees. Historically, organizations used a variety of available tools to do so: from mass emails using Outlook to Newsletter PDF attachments to professional-looking newsletters using third-party email marketing applications. However, the most common problem with such tools is that information is disconnected and located all… keep reading >

5 ways to display Employee Birthdays and Anniversary Dates in SharePoint Online

One of the common requests for Company Intranets is the ability to display employee birthdays or anniversary dates on a main SharePoint Intranet landing page. While there is no dedicated, out of the box web part that allows you to do this (yet), there are a few tricks in the book that I employed for my clients in the past. That’s what… keep reading >

News and Announcements web parts in SharePoint

I have always been a huge fan of Announcements web part of in SharePoint. It allowed for a quick and easy way for users to add announcements to the site, whether they were company-wide, department or project related. With the arrival of modern pages in SharePoint Online, there is a new web part called News allowing to achieve the same requirement differently. With… keep reading >