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Topic: "To Do"

3 ways to view own Tasks in Microsoft 365

When it comes to managing tasks in Microsoft 365, there are several choices to choose from. One can use the To Do App for own tasks, Planner App for Team ones, or use of the other options I previously blogged about previously. But how does one stay on top of the tasks from all the various sources? In this post, I would… keep reading >

An overview of task management options in SharePoint and Office 365

Everything is a project! This is my main motto in life. Hey, after all, to get things done, we need to complete tasks. While, for the most part, we use SharePoint and Office 365 to store documents, the second most important function of our daily routine is to track and complete tasks. Tasks for temporary project teams we are part of, tasks… keep reading >

What is Microsoft To Do?

Whether you need to buy a bottle of milk on the way home or complete the project proposal at work, our life consists of tasks. Up until recently, there was no good option to manage individual tasks in SharePoint and Office 365. That changed though with the introduction of Microsoft To Do. What is Microsoft To Do? Microsoft To Do is a… keep reading >