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4 places where you can enable Audience Targeting feature in SharePoint

If you are building an Intranet or some sort of communication hub within your organization, I am sure you would want to personalize the experience for your visitors and feed certain content depending on the role of the users logged in. Luckily, we can now do that, thanks to the recent improvements in SharePoint Online. In this article, I would like to… keep reading >

How to use Audience Targeting on HCWP Web Part

I blogged previously about the Audience Targeting feature in SharePoint. It allows for targeting navigation links and news posts to select audiences. Today, I want to explain another cool way to use Audience Targeting – in this case, to display documents from a Document Library using HCWP Web Part. Use Case I have a document library on a site that contains company… keep reading >

How to set security on links in the Hub Navigation using Audience Targeting

In this article, I would like to explain how you can use the newly released Audience Targeting feature to personalize your Hub Navigation. Up until recently, this was not possible. Historically, we could set security on sites, folders, documents, pages, and hide them accordingly. We never had to worry about links, though, since they were always permission-driven. However, with the release of… keep reading >

How to personalize news posts in SharePoint using Audience Targeting

News Widget happens to be one of my favorite web parts in SharePoint Online. I blogged previously on how you can use it to promote the news and announcements across the organization as well as how you can tag them. One of the new features rolled out in SharePoint is an ability to target the news to specific audiences, allowing you to display… keep reading >