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Topic: "Retention"

How to apply modern retention labels to libraries and folders in SharePoint Online

I recently blogged about modern retention labels and how you can create labels, publish them to sites, and then have them available for users to apply to files. This though, assumes that end users apply the label manually to every file. However, in reality, this is not sometimes practical, especially if you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of files. Luckily, we… keep reading >

6 ways to archive documents in SharePoint

It is inevitable. Despite your best efforts to keep SharePoint document library under control – it will become a monster at some point. It is like your weight. You have a plan to stay in shape, and that’s your New Year resolution and all, but in 6 months, it is time to buy new pants again because you let yourself loose and… keep reading >

How to delete old documents from a site using retention policies

If you are a hoarder, you might want to skip this article. In this post, I explain how you can delete old documents from a site using retention policies. That is correct, retention policies are not just for data retention. We can utilize the same functionality also to delete the content based on its age. This is an excellent technique to use… keep reading >

How to set up document retention via retention labels in SharePoint and OneDrive

I recently blogged on how to set up retention policies on a SharePoint site. However, that process assumed you have the same retention requirements for all the content on the site. Too often, this is not the case. You might have some documents that need to be retained forever, while some that need to be retained just for a few years. In… keep reading >

How to set a Retention Policy on a SharePoint site

Some time ago, I published an overview of the modern Compliance features available in SharePoint Online and Office 365. With this post, I would like to dig deeper and explain to you, my loyal blog followers, on how to set a simple retention policy on a SharePoint site. Real-life Retention Policy Example Due to industry regulations, we need to retain documents for… keep reading >

An overview of compliance features in SharePoint and Office 365

As you migrate your content and intellectual property to OneDrive and SharePoint, it is only natural that, at some point, you might want to take tighter control of your data (documents in this context). For example, you might want to designate certain content to be confidential and have it accessed by only certain employees. Or, you might want to prevent external sharing… keep reading >

How to set up retention and deletion policies for files and folders in SharePoint

Some time ago I published a post around retention and deletion of sites in the SharePoint environment. Today, I want to explain how to set up retention and deletion policies for the actual content (files and folders). Setting up such policies will allow you to adhere to certain regulations within your industry. For example, if you are an accounting firm, you might… keep reading >