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Topic: "Employee Directory"

8 ways to display Employee Directory in SharePoint

The ability to display some sort of Employee Directory or Org Chart in SharePoint has got to be one of the most frequent business requirements of the modern Intranets. That is not surprising, especially these days when many users are remote and need to know who the hell they work with and who people report to within their organization. In this post,… keep reading >

How to create an Employee Directory in Sharepoint

In one of the earlier blog posts I provided instructions on how to create an amazing org chart in SharePoint using Organizational Browser web part. The web part allows you to display your company Org Chart on any site/page in an interactive/dynamic format. There have been a lot of SharePoint Online/Office 365 improvements since the time of the post, mainly in the… keep reading >

How to create an Org Chart in SharePoint

Did you know that SharePoint 2013 has a pretty cool OUT OF THE BOX web part to display your Organization’s Org chart? Up until recently, if you wanted to display an Org Chart in SharePoint, you had to rely on Visio diagram, acquire expensive 3rd party tools (web parts) or just be content with the plain and simple contact list. Below I will… keep reading >