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How to add a rotating news slider in SharePoint Online

Posted on October 13, 2020

I just can’t get enough of the News Web Part. Every time I use it, I see some new option pop-up that makes the web part more sophisticated and refined. The feature I would like to describe in this article is not new, but will make your pages more dynamic and sexy. Today I want to explain how to add a rotating news slider to your pages in SharePoint Online.

Step 1: Add News Web Part to the site

  1. When you create a new site, the News Web part is already part of the page by default. However, if it has been deleted, no problem. To add a News web part, Edit the page. Howtoaddrotartingnewsslider2
  2. Click the “+” sign where you want to add the News web part and choose the News app. rotating news slider in SharePoint Online
  3. Hit Republish to formally publish the page and make it available to everyone. Howtoaddrotartingnewsslider3

Step 2: Add some news

Go ahead and add a few news articles to the News widget. I described the process in this post.


Step 3: Configure the News web part

  1. Now the most exciting web part. Go ahead and Edit your page again. Howtoaddrotartingnewsslider2
  2. While the page is in the edit mode, click the pencil icon to see additional settings for the News Web Part rotating news slider in SharePoint Online
  3. Change the Layout to Carousel. This is the layout that will allow you to “rotate” the news. You can also set the number of recent posts to show/cycle through, as well as a number of seconds (delay) before the news article switches to the next one rotating news slider in SharePoint Online
  4. Don’t forget to Publish the page again. You will now end up with a “rotating slideshow” of news. Howtoaddrotartingnewsslider6

In case you want to see instructions on how to add a rotating news slider in SharePoint Online in a video format, check it out below. Enjoy!

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