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How to enable Item Level Permissions in SharePoint

Here is a real-life scenario. You have built a list in SharePoint so that users can submit entries, but you only want users to be able to read or modify own entries. An example of such list could be a submission form to Human Resources (Vacation Request) or a HelpDesk ticketing system. Unlike other types of lists, you might not necessarily want… keep reading >

How to export SharePoint to Excel

“Can you export this to Excel?” I bet you hear this request all the time. If you are an avid Excel user or just prefer to visualize things in Excel, you are in luck. Being a Microsoft product, SharePoint has native integration with Excel. And any content can easily be exported to Excel. What can I export from SharePoint to Excel? Any information… keep reading >

SharePoint lists vs. libraries

One of the most frequent questions you get from new SharePoint users is on the topic of SharePoint lists vs. libraries and the difference between the two. It all comes down to naming convention in SharePoint, which is partially the reason for confusion. Let me explain. SharePoint lists vs. libraries. What’s the difference? What is the SharePoint list? Any web part in… keep reading >