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Teams vs. Yammer

Coke or Pepsi? Cat or Dog? Republican or Democrat? Life is full of choices. In this post, however, I would like to help you resolve one of the biggest choices you have to make in your Microsoft 365 environment. I am, of course, talking about the Teams vs. Yammer debate. Both, on the surface, happen to be doing the same thing, but… keep reading >

3 ways to create a Team in Teams

If you have a new project and are ready to spin up a new Team, you might want to read this post. Did you know there are a few ways for you to create a Team in Teams? Depending on your scenario, you might want to choose one option over the other. In this article, I explain the three options available to… keep reading >

3 ways to manage Teams Notifications

If you suffer from email overload, then I am sure you are overwhelmed with all the constant notifications you get in MS Teams. Someone sends you a personal chat or mentions your name or types in twenty replies to a conversation you started, and your lower-right-hand corner of the screen ends up lit all the time with constant notifications. As you become… keep reading >

How to archive MS Teams

As you manage projects and collaborate with your colleagues via Teams, you will undoubtedly end up with lots of Teams workspaces in your environment. While some of the Teams might be ongoing (operational), the majority of Teams are probably set up for temporary projects or endeavors. What that means is that at some point, you will stop using a particular Team for… keep reading >

How to moderate conversations in Teams

Don’t you wish you could moderate some of those “conversations” happening on social media these days? I wish I could magically turn off or disable the garbage I sometimes see from people liking, sharing, retweeting someone else’s “opinions.” While we can’t do it on public social media channels, we can do so in Microsoft Teams. So today, I would like to explain… keep reading >

6 ways to access documents from Microsoft Teams

Teams have now become almost synonymous with meetings and work from home, especially given the recent surge due to the pandemic. The most significant appeal of Teams is the ability to chat and hold meetings from within a single interface. However, Teams are not just for a chat and video calls. As I have explained previously, Teams as an application does not… keep reading >