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6 Ways to Create a Task in Microsoft 365

Posted on March 5, 2024
Microsoft 365

I frequently blogged about different ways to manage tasks in Microsoft 365 in the past. Luckily, we have several applications and tools available within the Microsoft 365 eco-system to manage tasks. From personal To Do application to complex projects in Project for the Web.

But what if you, while collaborating with colleagues during your typical day at work, need to create a task for something? What are the options available? In this article, I thought I would document all the ways to create a task within Microsoft 365.

Option 1: Create a Task from To Do

If the task is strictly personal and you do not want it to be visible or trackable by anyone else, you must navigate to the To Do application and create a task there.

create a task in Microsoft 365

Option 2: Create a Task from Planner

If you want to create a task that needs to be accessible by the team, then the task belongs in Planner. You can create a task in Planner or Teams, assuming the Plan was added as a tab/app within a given Team/channel.

create a task in Microsoft 365


Option 3: Create a Task from a Teams Conversation

If you are in the middle of the Teams Conversation, you can turn that Teams conversation into a Task in To Do or Planner! I documented it in this article.

create a task in Microsoft 365

Option 4: Create a Task in Tasks by Planner and To Do in Teams

Speaking about Teams, if you utilize/aggregate all your tasks in Teams by using Tasks by Planner and To Do, you can also create new tasks from there.

create a task in Microsoft 365

Option 5: Create a Task in Project for the Web

Another way to create a new Task would be in the Project for the Web application. This option only makes sense if your organization utilizes Project for the Web applications and uses it for complex projects with dependencies and resource management.

create a task in Microsoft 365

Option 6: Create a Task in Microsoft Loop

One last option for you to create a new Task is relatively new – you can also create a Task in the Microsoft Loop application using the Tasks Component. You can read about Microsoft Loop here, and I plan to write more posts about this in the future.

create a task in Microsoft 365

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