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How to create a custom permission level in SharePoint

I always advise my clients and loyal blog followers to stay out of the box as much as possible in SharePoint. The less deviation you have from the “norm,” the less headache it is for you and your colleagues down the road in terms of maintenance and memorizing who did what and why things do not work the way they should. That… keep reading >

How to use a Hyperlink column on a Custom List to organize links to SharePoint sites

Today I want to share a cool trick with you, which you can use to organize your SharePoint sites. For most of the operational types of sites, I am sure you will build some sort of Hub Navigation. However, let’s say you also have sites that are temporary in nature that you only use for a period of time. I am talking… keep reading >

2 ways to move documents between sites in SharePoint Online

A pretty frequent request in SharePoint Online is to be able to reorganize files and folders within SharePoint sites. Doing so in Windows Explorer was a no-brainer, but how do we do this in SharePoint Online? In this post, I want to share two techniques you can utilize to move documents between sites in SharePoint Online. If you have to do a… keep reading >