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How to share list items

Sharing content from SharePoint with others inside or outside of the organization is the core capability and is probably its most appealing feature. When we talk about sharing, we typically talk about documents or folders, or sites. However, we can now also share individual items from the lists, which I want to explain in this article. What are Lists? It probably makes… keep reading >

Edit vs. Contribute Permission Levels in SharePoint Online

I am not being original in publishing a post about this topic. If you google “Edit vs. Contribute Permission Levels in SharePoint Online,” you will get many posts covering this very important and one of the most infamous subjects in SharePoint. Since I receive lots of questions from my clients and loyal followers still on the matter, I decided to drop a… keep reading >

How to create a Glossary of Terms in SharePoint

I have blogged previously on how to configure SharePoint and use it as a knowledge base. One of the variations of the knowledge base is the Glossary of Terms you might need to build to organize various terms and terminology used within your organization. And if there is such a requirement, there must be a way to achieve this in SharePoint Out… keep reading >

How to display the last check-in comment in a document library

If you and your team are using the Check-out feature in SharePoint, then you will definitely benefit from this tip I am about to share in this article. In this post, I would like to explain how you can display the last check-in comment in a document library. Check In/Check Out feature While I am all for real-time collaboration and co-authoring, Check… keep reading >

How to share a Microsoft Form via a QR Code

If you create surveys and intake forms using MS Forms, I am sure you are also looking for ways to share and distribute those forms within your organization. The most obvious way would be to share the survey URL via email or MS Teams or embed a form within the Intranet. However, another option that might be really helpful would be to… keep reading >

How to enable multiple languages on a SharePoint Site

Parle français? Hable español? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If you are part of a multi-national corporation or live in a country that has several official languages, that means that your users would need to have the SharePoint site/content displayed in their local language. In this post, I would like to explain how to properly add additional languages to your SharePoint site. Site’s Default… keep reading >

How to color code and format lists and libraries in SharePoint Online

Most of us rely on visualizations to make sense of data. That’s why we, humans, are attracted to colorful graphs and charts, like cats are to laser pointers. Ever since we got SharePoint lists and libraries, we had a need to make them a little more fun and visually appealing. Unfortunately, up until recently, this was only possible to those with a… keep reading >