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How to use Audience Targeting on HCWP Web Part

I blogged previously about the Audience Targeting feature in SharePoint. It allows for targeting navigation links and news posts to select audiences. Today, I want to explain another cool way to use Audience Targeting – in this case, to display documents from a Document Library using HCWP Web Part. Use Case I have a document library on a site that contains company… keep reading >

Home Site vs. SharePoint Start Page vs. Hub Site vs. Root Site

With all the new terminology and new features Microsoft releasing in SharePoint Online, it is quite easy to get lost and confused. Don’t worry, that’s why I am here to help you with your SharePoint journey. Today, I want to explain a difference between a few pieces of terminology that users find most confusing: Home Site, SharePoint Start Page, Hub Site, and… keep reading >

An overview of task management options in SharePoint and Office 365

Everything is a project! This is my main motto in life. Hey, after all, to get things done, we need to complete tasks. While, for the most part, we use SharePoint and Office 365 to store documents, the second most important function of our daily routine is to track and complete tasks. Tasks for temporary project teams we are part of, tasks… keep reading >

How to personalize the SharePoint site with My Feed Web Part

There are different tricks in a book to personalize the SharePoint experience for users. We can now target news posts to specific users, display recent documents the user worked on, and create a custom navigation menu using audience targeting. I always was a big fan of Delve, which displays the recent document activity to the user – but for that – the… keep reading >