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How to move documents between SharePoint Sites without breaking the sharing links

If you shared files with others in SharePoint, you probably have encountered one of the most notorious issues related to it. You share a file with someone by clicking the Share button and then decide to move that file to another site. That common and innocent operation would break the sharing links for everyone you shared that content with, leading to a… keep reading >

How to send conversations and emails between Teams and Outlook

It is no secret that Teams has become a de facto hub for collaboration. It is a single place that brings chat (conversations), files, and other content from SharePoint, as well as information from other third-party sources via its vast Apps directory. However, the good old email is still well and alive and is still a tool of choice for many (including… keep reading >

10 ways to make the most out of OneDrive Sync

OneDrive Sync, undoubtedly, became the preferred method for many users to interface with SharePoint. I listed it as one of the options available to users in this post. That is not a surprise; while OneDrive sync lacks some benefits one would expect with the SharePoint interface, like metadata and workflows, it offers the convenience of accessing documents from the convenience of Windows… keep reading >

How to add a Channel Calendar in Teams

I am sure you, just like everyone else, are part of many Teams within your organization. That means that you are probably are part of many Teams meetings as a result. It is easy to lose sanity between all the meetings related to various projects, staff meetings, etc. The built-in Calendar in Teams does not allow for any grouping or filtering to… keep reading >

How to schedule news posts and pages using the Schedule feature in SharePoint Online

We were able to create pages and news posts for quite some time now in SharePoint Online. Modern pages allow for an amazing and very intuitive experience for the end users to create web content in the form of text, images, and other web parts. One of the most requested features that was recently made available was the capability to schedule a… keep reading >