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How to use a Hyperlink column on a Custom List to organize links to SharePoint sites

Today I want to share a cool trick with you, which you can use to organize your SharePoint sites. For most of the operational types of sites, I am sure you will build some sort of Hub Navigation. However, let’s say you also have sites that are temporary in nature that you only use for a period of time. I am talking… keep reading >

2 ways to move documents between sites in SharePoint Online

A pretty frequent request in SharePoint Online is to be able to reorganize files and folders within SharePoint sites. Doing so in Windows Explorer was a no-brainer, but how do we do this in SharePoint Online? In this post, I want to share two techniques you can utilize to move documents between sites in SharePoint Online. If you have to do a… keep reading >

5 ways to promote the SharePoint Intranet

So you created the Intranet landing page/site, added a bunch of images, hero web part, quick links, birthdays and anniversaries of your coworkers, news, and important events. It is a kick-ass site, and you want everyone to know about this. But how do we now promote it and make it available and easily accessible? In this post, I would like to advise… keep reading >

Please stop making everyone a Group Owner!

This is @#$%^ frustrating. I often perform assessments for my clients, where I check the existing Teams/SharePoint site setup, security, info architecture, and other settings. I click on Group/Site Permissions, see 10 users being part of a group, and… all 10 are Group Owners. Let me explain why this is a bad idea and can lead to inadvertent intellectual property loss. Group… keep reading >

How to add an RSS Feed to a SharePoint modern page

A frequent request on many SharePoint sites is to add an RSS feed from another news source like a blog or news media outlet. I blogged previously on how to add an RSS feed to a site, but that was written when we still had classic pages. Now that we have modern sites and pages, I want to provide updated instructions for… keep reading >