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How to share a Microsoft Form via a QR Code

Posted on January 13, 2022

If you create surveys and intake forms using MS Forms, I am sure you are also looking for ways to share and distribute those forms within your organization. The most obvious way would be to share the survey URL via email or MS Teams or embed a form within the Intranet. However, another option that might be really helpful would be to share a QR code. Let me explain.

How to share a Microsoft Form via a QR Code

  1. Navigate to the Form within MS Forms, and click Share, then click on the bar code icon share a Microsoft Form via a QR Code
  2. Once you do that, the QR bar code will be displayed on the screen. Press download to download it to your desktop share a Microsoft Form via a QR Code
  3. The step above will download an image (PNG format) to your computer, and you can now add the image to any marketing materials you have (some use cases outlined below) so that users can now scan the bar code and be rerouted to your Survey URL via their phone app.

Use Cases for sharing an MS Form via a QR Code:

Use cases for adding QR Code depend on the subject of the survey, but here are some typical scenarios:

  • Paper brochures and booklets
  • Embed an image on a publicly-facing website
  • Banners

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