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Topic: "Intranet"

How to build an Intranet Portal in SharePoint using out of the box features (VIDEO)

In this webinar video, you will learn how you can utilize SharePoint out of the box functionality to create a fully functional organizational Intranet Portal. You will see real-life examples of department and project sites, and will learn how you can use SharePoint to better organize your content (documents, lists and folders) and improve employee collaboration within your organization. A fully functional… keep reading >

How to add a slideshow to SharePoint Site

In case you are not impressed by the dull look and feel of the Out of the Box SharePoint sites, there are things that can be done to spice things up. Today I will explain how to add a slideshow to SharePoint Site. This could be a great addition to an Intranet Homepage and provide an awesome way for your employees to… keep reading >

How to build Intranet in SharePoint using out of the box features

One of the greatest abilities of SharePoint is that it allows you to build a fully-functional Intranet for your organization. Whether you are looking to build department collaboration sites, sites for external sharing, project sites or forms and workflows, SharePoint allows you to do it all under one roof/single platform. Intranet in SharePoint makes sense, since it allows you to bring all… keep reading >

SharePoint Intranet Examples

“What is SharePoint?” “What can it do for my organization?” “What are SharePoint advantages over DropBox?” These questions always come up during personal discussions and online forums. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So in this blog post, I would like to share various SharePoint site examples I have created over the years for clients, essentially showcasing SharePoint… keep reading >

How to add a Video in SharePoint

One of the cool features Microsoft has recently rolled out was an ability to store video files in Office 365. While SharePoint excels in storing productivity type files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF, video in SharePoint was always a challenge. The files are usually pretty big in size, most violate 2GB file size limit  and not user-friendly to maneuver in SharePoint Document… keep reading >