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How to build Intranet in SharePoint using out of the box features

One of the greatest abilities of SharePoint is that it allows you to build a fully-functional Intranet for your organization. Whether you are looking to build department collaboration sites, sites for external sharing, project sites or forms and workflows, SharePoint allows you to do it all under one roof/single platform. Intranet in SharePoint makes sense, since it allows you to bring all the business functions under one roof and capitalize on your existing SharePoint/Office 365 investment. I have prepared a slide deck, completed with images and examples of such sites and Intranet, so it can give you an idea of what’s possible and how organizations utilize SharePoint to build a complete Intranet solution. And did I mention it is all possible using Out of the Box features (without single line of code or 3rd party apps)? Enjoy!


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