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5 places to use formulas in SharePoint lists and libraries

Remember when you were in school and studied “boring” formulas and probably wondered whether you will ever use them in real life? Well, perhaps you should have smoked less weed back then and listened more to your math teacher, because today, I will explain why formulas are handy in SharePoint. To be precise, I will explain a few ways to use formulas… keep reading >

Major vs. Minor Versions in SharePoint Online

Version History has got to be one of the most important document management features in SharePoint. Just like a time machine, Version History allows you to go back in the history of a given document or an item. It also allows you to trace the changes that occurred. To translate into pure English – Version History allows you to save your butt… keep reading >

How to compare and restore SharePoint Pages

As users edit the SharePoint pages, add and delete content and web parts, it is also necessary to restore the previous versions of the pages. We had this functionality for a long time. As a matter of fact, I even wrote a post about it. However, Microsoft has recently upgraded the experience. So I would like to explain a modern option now… keep reading >

How to add additional information about a user to People Web Part in SharePoint Online

I love People Web Part! It allows for a quick way to list your team members on a site, and in case you are a small firm use it as an Employee Directory of sorts. Today though, I want to uncover the little known secret which will allow you to add additional information about a user. How to add People Web Part… keep reading >

What is SharePoint App Bar and how to configure it

In this week’s edition of “What the @#$% is this new thing in SharePoint?” I want to introduce you to the SharePoint App Bar. If you or your users noticed a sidebar now present on all SharePoint sites, please meet the new and long-awaited addition to the SharePoint ecosystem. In this post, I would like to explain to you what it is,… keep reading >