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Document Management

How to restore a Document Library in SharePoint Online

“Oops, I did it again”. This song from Britney Spears comes to my mind every time someone messes up a SharePoint document library. Unfortunately, this happens way too often. Someone deletes a bunch of files or moves them somewhere, or the files get encrypted with some sort of virus. Whatever the reason is – you might need to clean up the mess… keep reading >

5 ways to access Documents in SharePoint Online

When users are introduced to SharePoint Online and Office 365, one of the most frequent questions is “What is the best way to access documents in SharePoint site?” That is not surprising since the SharePoint web interface is very different from the file explorer/network drive experience we had for ages. Like with many things in life, there is no right or wrong… keep reading >

5 ways to store and reuse document templates in SharePoint

Document templates allow for a great way to standardize on processes within an organization.  Whether it is a Meeting Agenda template or a Budget Template or a Project Charter Template, these documents can bring consistency to a department or a project site. SharePoint, being a fantastic collaborative environment, has several different options to store and reuse document templates. Depending on how you… keep reading >

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