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Topic: "Migration"

Clean up the mess before migrating file shares to SharePoint

Robust document management is by far one of SharePoint’s most appealing features. This induces many organizations, small or large to migrate their documents from files shares to SharePoint as the first order of business when new SharePoint site is setup. But how do you go about migrating file shares to SharePoint? Do you move it all at once? The short answer is… keep reading >

How to implement SharePoint in your organization – Best Practices

The first question I get from the potential clients ready to get going with SharePoint is: “Where do we start?” On one side you have to manage your day jobs, manage employees, you have your data, information, documents, content all over the place and on another side, you have a very capable, configurable and customizable, but very overwhelming little monster called SharePoint.… keep reading >

How to Migrate Documents to SharePoint and Office 365: Step-by-Step Instructions

With the popularity of Microsoft’s Office 365 / SharePoint Online plans, lots of small organizations and non-profits are switching to Office 365 to take advantage of attractive per-user pricing model and one-stop shop capability of Office 365. However, the biggest challenge many companies face are on how to migrate documents to SharePoint from their current repositories located on file shares, DropBox and… keep reading >