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Topic: "Training"

3 realities of learning SharePoint

I get lots of questions from my loyal blog followers on what are the best ways I can recommend to learn SharePoint. I am not talking about learning SharePoint from end user perspective, but rather more of Power User/Administrator folks. For example how do I learn to create a project or team site in SharePoint, setup security, information architecture, etc. Let me… keep reading >

Introduction to SharePoint Tutorial and Training

Are you new to SharePoint and want to learn more about it? You are in luck. This FREE SharePoint tutorial is an excellent resource and will let you learn SharePoint in no time. It explains SharePoint in basic and non-technical terms, gives you an overall idea of SharePoint key concepts and provides you with enough information to start configuring your own SharePoint… keep reading >

10 reasons why SharePoint training matters

“Neglecting SharePoint User Training during implementation is a crime”. You won’t see a name of some famous visionary under this quote, because I came up with this myself. And I firmly stand behind it. And here are 10 reasons why: 1. SharePoint is not DropBox (or file share/network drive). As I already stated in one of my earlier articles, DropBox and SharePoint are… keep reading >