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Free SharePoint Training – an industry first

When I started SharePoint Maven few years ago, I wanted to build something revolutionary and unique. I did not want to follow the common wisdom and just be “another SharePoint consultant”. My goal was to focus not on sales and profits, but rather on delivering value and an excellent customer service to my clients.  I pride myself on both every single day.

Those who are my clients or have attended my webinars and read other posts know that I am a big advocate of SharePoint User Adoption and SharePoint Training. It is such an important piece of the SharePoint implementation, that training comes standard in my consulting services and is included for free with any configuration that I do for my clients.

Free SharePoint Training available to everyone!

Today, I am going one step further. From this day on, I offer both the SharePoint Beginner and SharePoint Site Owner (Power) User training for FREE to everyone.  You can access the free training session on demand by following the links below (my YouTube channel)

SharePoint Beginner Training

SharePoint Site Owner Training



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