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Project Management in SharePoint – lots of options to choose from

One of the primary reasons to move your business to Office 365 is the range of project management options that are available to the user. These project management options, all running on SharePoint platform, vary in terms of functionality and complexity. With this blog post, I would like to briefly explain each of the tools available at your disposal. I have written very detailed posts in the past about each of the options, so if you want to learn more about each method – just follow the links below.

What are the different Project Management Tools available?

Option 1: Office 365 Groups

google-carOffice 365 Groups is like Google Self-driving car – always changing, fun, informal and nobody knows for sure where it is going just yet. Office 365 Groups offers a quick, no-brainer way to manage small and quick projects and retain a log of documents and email conversations. You may read more about using Office 365 Groups for project management here.


Option 2: SharePoint Team Sites

honda-carSharePoint Team Site is like Honda Accord – it has been around forever, very reliable and safe way to manage a project. It does take some time to setup (create web parts, views, set security, may be even provision a custom project site template), but once it is all set and done – it will serve you well for good. If you want to learn how to create your own Team Site in SharePoint – click here.


Option 3: Project Online

lexus-car1 Project Online is like a top of the line luxury car. Just like the previous 2 options, it will get you from point A to point B (I mean manage your project), but you will need to pay for it big $$$$. Unlike Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Team sites, Project Online is not included in the regular Office 365 subscription. You have to purchase it separately. However, it has all the bells and whistles of a Portfolio Project Management Tool, like task management, resource management, and fancy reporting. To learn more about Project Online and what it is all about, click here.

Which one is the best option for our organization?

It all comes down what you need to accomplish and what your objectives are. If you have quick and informal projects and all you need to manage are files and email conversations, Office 365 Groups is what you need. On another hand, if you require more control over security, need to sync tasks with MS Project or need to have tighter control over your content, Team Site is a no-brainer. If you are running a formal PMO, need to manage resources across multiple projects and business units, and your senior management is hungry for cool-looking charts and reports – Project Online is the way to go.


  • Google car – courtesy of Google®
  • Honda Accord – courtesy of Honda®
  • Lexus SUV – courtesy of Lexus®

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