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10 Office 365 mobile apps you must have on your phone

Posted on December 5, 2019

Remember when Apple® released iPods, the most popular question for celebrities and politicians was – “What kind of music do you have stored on your iPod?” Now, I am not a celebrity or politician (I am too politically incorrect), I am just a SharePoint guy who craves for everything that has to do with SharePoint and Office 365. So I will admit, on my phone, I have no music, just a few SharePoint-related podcasts. :-) Instead, as a true SharePoint geek, I have mobile apps that help me be productive with Office 365 and SharePoint. So with this post, I would like to share the ten apps I have on my iPhone® and explain briefly what each one does.

Office 365 mobile apps

A screenshot of Office 365 Mobile Apps on my iPhone®


I do not think I need to explain much this one. If you need to access files and folders stored on your OneDrive for Business or any SharePoint site, this is an app you want to have. OneDrive app is just about files and folders if you need to get a hold of them on the road.

Office 365 mobile apps

OneDrive Mobile App


If you need to access more than files and folders (i.e., other content like links, news, lists that are part of your SharePoint sites), then you would need a SharePoint mobile app. In addition to documents, it allows you to access whole SharePoint sites and other types of content on a site. By the way, for the more detailed overview and comparison of SharePoint and OneDrive apps, check out this post.

Office 365 mobile apps

SharePoint Mobile App


If you store company videos in Microsoft Stream, you will need the Stream mobile app. Essentially it is just like YouTube® app – allows you to access videos and watch in a friendly manner on your phone or iPad.

Office 365 mobile apps

Microsoft Stream Mobile App


If you are managing tasks on various projects (Plans) in Planner, you will need a Planner mobile app. It will allow you to complete the tasks on the go for the multiple plans/projects you are part of.


Planner Mobile App

To Do

To Do is a new kid on the block and is essentially a personal task list. The beauty about To Do is that it rolls up tasks from multiple plans you are part of in Planner as well as Outlook. A mobile app is a great addition that allows you to access personal tasks on a mobile device.


To Do Mobile App


Don’t worry, I did not forget about Teams. Teams mobile app allows you to chat with your team from your mobile device. Just like in the desktop version, you can access various channels (conversations), files, and tabs.


Teams Mobile App

Power Automate (formerly Flow)

A Flow mobile app allows you to start and stop flows from your mobile device. You also can tweak/edit workflows from within an App as well, but honestly, I doubt it will be a great user experience on a tiny phone screen.


Flow Mobile App

Power Apps

PowerApps mobile app, of course, allows users to access all the mobile apps you have developed in PowerApps.


PowerApps Mobile App


Though Teams is becoming increasingly popular, you still need access to Outlook when you are on the go. Outlook app allows you to send and receive emails and access the personal calendar.


Outlook Mobile App


If your organization is using Yammer, and you can’t miss that critical update from your CEO, then Yammer mobile app is for you.


Yammer Mobile App

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