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The Ultimate SharePoint Governance Template

During the course of my corporate and consulting career, I had a chance to review, contribute to and critique a number of SharePoint governance documents. One common theme that I noticed repeatedly was that most governance documents were too complicated, convoluted and hard to follow. The language and recommended guidelines provided within SharePoint governance template were too technical, even for me.

With the increasing adoption of SharePoint Online and Office 365, many companies will eventually need to address and tackle governance, whether they like it or not. (Not sure what I mean by SharePoint Governance? Not to worry, I’ve covered that topic in full in this blog post.)

The main reason that governance will become an unavoidable issue is that SharePoint Online is steadily reaching a certain maturity level in most organizations. In other words, SharePoint Online has been widely adopted by many companies and is being actively used by departments and employees. SharePoint might not be as popular as Word and Excel, but it’s a powerful application that is finally getting the love and attention that it deserves.

Because I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about governance, I decided it would be useful to create a SharePoint governance template that could easily be adopted by my clients and loyal blog followers, no matter the size of their organization. My regular readers know that I like to keep things simple. So I wanted to create a governance template that is written in plain English (which is ironic since English is not my first language), something that everyone – even your nontechnical folks (your boss?) could understand. 🙂

A couple of sleepless weekends and too much coffee later, I am pleased to introduce to you the ultimate SharePoint Governance Template. The template is in Word format and can be downloaded below and customized as necessary. I also inserted brief instructions on how to use the template right within the document itself. Please note that SharePoint Governance document should be a living and breathing document and it must be changed accordingly as new technologies and best practices emerge and are adopted. This template captures the best practices and SharePoint features existing at the time it has been put together.

I only ask for a few simple rules for using this SharePoint Governance Template:

  • This SharePoint Governance Plan Template is made available to you courtesy of Gregory Zelfond (a.k.a. SharePoint Maven)
  • You may use this template as you wish within your respective organization free of charge
  • You may not sell this template to anyone or make a profit off it.
  • You may not post this template in its original or in a revised form on any public websites

Other than that, just download the template using the link below. Enjoy and you welcome!

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Download SharePoint Governance Template

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