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5 ways to create a Poll in Microsoft 365

Posted on February 22, 2022
Microsoft 365

Asking someone a quick set of questions/feedback is something that we all need to do once in a while. Perhaps you need to run a poll to find out an opinion of an event that occurred or gather ideas for something you want to plan in the future. I am not talking about a long multi-question survey here – but rather a single question/poll similar to what you see on social media these days. In this post, I would like to summarize all the available options we have to create a Poll in Microsoft 365.

1. Forms Poll

Of course, nothing stops you from creating a single-question survey (poll) in Forms and sharing it in SharePoint, Teams, and other apps. You can read more about Forms and how to use them here. The results are automatically aggregated in Excel for further analysis.


2. Outlook Poll

This option builds on top of the option above by integrating Forms capability into Outlook. From within Outlook (both desktop and browser experience), you can add a Poll, which automatically embeds a 1-question MS Form. Here is how to do this:

  1. From Outlook for the Web (browser version), click 3 dots, then choose Poll create a Poll in Microsoft 365
  2. If you are using Outlook Desktop, click Insert > Poll create a Poll in Microsoft 365
  3. Next, give it a name and add questions create a Poll in Microsoft 365
  4. Click Add to email Createpollmicrosoft3653
  5. This is what it will look like in the email to be sent Createpollmicrosoft3654
  6. And this is what it will look like to recipients when they complete it Createpollmicrosoft3656
  7. In the background, the Poll created from Outlook gets added to the User’s Forms account as a non-editable Form Createpollmicrosoft3657

3. Teams Poll

If you are in Teams all the time, you might want to take advantage of the Polls capability available there.

  1. Click on the Forms icon below the text message box Createpollmicrosoft3658
  2. When the Forms pop-up opens up, create the poll (question). Then click Save. create a Poll in Microsoft 365
  3. Confirm that everything looks good, then click Send. Createpollmicrosoft36510
  4. This is what it will look like in the message thread in Teams Createpollmicrosoft36511
  5. And the results will instantly be viewable by team members within the same thread Createpollmicrosoft36512
  6. Just like with the Outlook poll, there will be a read-only form created in MS Forms, under the user’s account Createpollmicrosoft36513

4. Yammer Poll

Likewise, we have the ability to run a Poll in Yammer. This option, of course, only makes sense if your organization is using Yammer already.

  1. In a given community under the message box, click Poll create a Poll in Microsoft 365
  2. Create your poll (question and answers). Click Ask. create a Poll in Microsoft 365
  3. The poll will now be posted in the community thread where community members can respond to it create a Poll in Microsoft 365
  4. Very important to note, that unlike Poll in Teams and Outlook described above, Yammer Poll does not use Forms technology. Poll create in Yammer just stays in Yammer.

5. SharePoint/Lists

When it comes to SharePoint itself, there are no out-of-the-box web parts that will help you run a poll. The closest match you can get to a poll would be building a custom list bearing the name of a question, with answers as items in a list, and then also enabling the Ratings feature on that list. I explained the Ratings feature in great detail in this post.

create a Poll in Microsoft 365

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