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SharePoint & Office 365 On-Demand Training is now available!

Ever since I founded SharePoint Maven more than 6 years ago, I have offered three main services to assist my clients with SharePoint and Office 365: Hourly Consulting, Live Training, and Configuration. Since then, I’ve worked with and trained hundreds of organizations and thousands of users.

While my Live Training is a very popular and cost-effective option, it is geared towards training groups of employees, not individuals. Over the years I’ve received numerous requests for a self-paced online SharePoint training program that would help an individual person to learn SharePoint on their own.

Well, today, I am pleased to announce a new service offering – Self-paced SharePoint and Office 365 On-Demand Training.

My self-paced training program covers the same material that I offer in my live, group training. All lessons are pre-recorded and available immediately upon purchase. Being the perfectionist I am, initially, I planned to go live once all my courses were recorded (a total of 8 courses). However, due to the ongoing pandemic and many people working from home now, I decided that ON-DEMAND training cannot wait. So I am going live with 4 courses now and will be recording the other 4 in the near future.

I am always excited when I can help my clients and blog readers achieve their goals. So if you’ve been wanting to take one of my training courses, but could not afford one, you now can!

To learn more and enroll in my self-paced, click here.

Online SharePoint Training

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