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How to use commands in a search bar in Teams

Posted on May 13, 2021

Did you know that you can access certain Teams features just by typing simple commands within a search bar there? In this post, I would like to explain the feature and share some of my favorite and useful Teams commands.

Search Bar in Teams

I am sure you used the Search Bar in Teams when trying to search and locate certain conversations. But it also doubles as a Command Bar of sorts, if you type in “/” in it. Let me show some examples below.

commands in a search bar in Teams

Examples of commands in Teams

/ – List all available commands

To list all the available commands, type in the forward slash “/”.

commands in a search bar in Teams


Typing /help in the Teams command bar opens up a page with various Teams training, manuals, and other resources to help you get familiar with Microsoft Teams and its features.

commands in a search bar in Teams


Typing “/files” display the recently accessed files from SharePoint (Teams) and OneDrive.

commands in a search bar in Teams

By the way, another way to access the same recent files would be by clicking on the Files Tab from Teams



This is my favorite. :-)  It sets your Teams Status to Do Not Disturb


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